I take it back. I may not hate sewing as much as I thought. See, the worst part of making these little purses (which is all of the sewing I’ve been doing lately) is the zipper. It drives me nuts, I stab myself with pins, I curse, I rip out seams, I sew again, I bend needles… it’s no fun. Every time I make a new purse I make it a different way, trying to find a better way, and last night I found it. Eureka! This purse was not so hard, it only took me an hour to make, and the zipper is in almost perfectly. I think I’ve finally honed my method. I can’t wait to try it again tonight on another purse!

By the way, how cute is this purse? Yesterday it was a lonely old sheet I found at the Salvation Army, today it’s a handmade purse featuring the softest vintage fabric in a retro flower print. Funny how that works, huh?