Teaching Updates!

Exciting news! Starting on May 3, our Wednesday night class at Tobyoga will move up a half hour to hopefully accommodate more yogis. Class will run from 5:30-6:30 PM and is still $10 everyday.

I’ve also begun teaching chair yoga to a tremendous group of senior yogis at the Bloomfield Senior Center. If you live in or around Bloomfield, check the class out! It runs Tuesday mornings from 10:45-11:45 AM.

I’ll see you on your mats and in your chairs!


Get Your Paws on Your Mat!

Join me on Wednesdays from 5-6 PM at Tobyoga for all-levels vinyasa (beginners always welcome)!

Classes are $10 (cash or check only).

Tobyoga is located at 352 Hartford Tpke. (route 30) in Vernon.

See you on your mat!


To say that 2016 was a year of change for me would be an incredible understatement. After ten years working in higher education, running professional art galleries, I decided to leave my job and find my bliss.

One morning, while I was still working my full-time job, I woke up after having a vivid dream that I had a business teaching paddleboard yoga.  I couldn’t shake the memory of the dream, and more I thought about it, the more it became an actual real-life goal. Continue reading →

Just Lovely

Last night Andrea and I dropped in on a yoga class at our old favorite, South Windsor Yoga Studio. Back about a hundred years ago we were SWYS regulars. We both went for a few years and then things happened, we both got married, one of us had babies, and we both stopped going. Andrea had been going to SWYS on and off, but I hadn’t been there since… hmm, probably since 2000, maybe 1999. Long time. We sort of both lost track of our class at Lotus Yoga. As much as we liked it, the day wasn’t working and we wanted something different so when Andrea suggested we drop in at SWYS on Monday night, I said sure. And all I can say is that it was like going home.

Honestly, it was surreal. The studio has changed very little, and Paul and Sydney, the couple who own the studio, they’re still teaching the classes. For me the sound of Paul’s voice, the flow of the postures, the method, the whole thing, it was like having deja vu for an hour and a half. It was wonderful. My brain stopped, my body relaxed, and I enjoyed every second I was there.

We both floated out to the car and then, if we weren’t happy enough already, we stopped at Rita’s on the way home. I got a mango ice with vanilla custard and ‘Nilla Wafer Blendini and… yum. Unfortunately I was expecting to be blown away by some amazing, fabulous, never before experienced ice cream glory based on the things I’d heard people say about Rita’s, and because of that I was a little disappointed. It was good, don’t get me wrong, and I’d leave the computer right now to go get another one if you asked me to, but if you offered me a Blizzard from Dairy Queen or a Blendini from Rita’s, I’d have to take the Blizzard. We took our not-Blizzards-but-still-yummy Blendinis home to Andrea’s where we sat on the couch and watched Dancing with the Stars together. It was delightful.

Next week we plan to do the same. I’m not sure if we’ll go to Rita’s, but I guarantee there will be ice cream in there somewhere. Then we’ll watch the final DWTS of the season and one of us (or both of us) will cry because she’s rooting for Jason and I’m rooting for Christian. At least there will be ice cream.


Last week, Andrea and I switched from our nice, relaxing kripalu yoga class to an intense vinyasa (flow) class that one person cutely referred to last night as “hot and spicy” and which my sister referred to as “yoga of death”. Where the kripalu class was like a relaxing retreat, the vinyasa class is like boot camp. Last week was tough, but I felt great as I left. I felt strong and a little sore, but a good sore. My abs were aching, my arms were tired, I wasn’t sure I could walk out, my legs felt so loose, but I recovered in a couple of days. It hurt to laugh or pull a sweater over my head, but as the days went on, I got beyond that. Or so I thought.

Class begins with some serious ab workouts and by the third pose last night, I was done for. My abs were screaming. I was in agony, wishing I was home on the couch, drinking tea instead of in class with my feet in the air doing crunches. I hated the instructor (no, not really, she’s so sweet, but freakishly STRONG with an impossible endurance). I spent the rest of the hour and a half class feeling like a weak, uncoordinated sissy. We flowed up, we flowed down, we twisted and lunged, we bent and tripped (oh, no, that was just me). We spent so long in down dog, I thought my arms would collapse. I almost needed help putting my coat on when I left. I staggered out to my car hoping to make it home before I fell asleep. Man! That was a tough class. I was glad to hear my sister say the same thing, I’m not the only sissy.

This morning I’m still exhausted. What does it say when a workout makes you want to sleep for twelve hours? I suppose it says that I’m out of shape! That’s probably true, and as tired as I am, and as tough as it was to hold my coffee cup this morning with my limp, shaky arms, I still can’t wait to go back next week.

Excuses, Excuses

I didn’t get home until 10:30 last night.  After yoga, Andrea dragged me to the mall and forced me to use her coupon and buy a cute new jacket at NY&Co. for only $10.  She’s mean, isn’t she?  Then we went to Barnes & Noble to try to find some books that aren’t preachy and religious that would give some answers about heaven to my very analytical and curious 5 year-old nephew who has lately been obsessed with the topic.  Something like 101 Facts About Heaven.  Andrea and family don’t go to church or talk about religion, and other than mentioning that Grandpapa and Sydney have gone to heaven, no one talks about god or heaven but lately it’s been on his mind and he won’t drop it.   It makes me smile because he thinks just like me and I find it funny, but I can’t imagine being Andrea and having to answer impossible questions like “does it snow in heaven?”  or “when God dies, who will be in charge of heaven?”

Really I’m just trying to come up with an excuse why I haven’t scanned my drawings yet.  I think it’s Andrea’s fault.  Tonight, I promise I’ll have them scanned and up on Flickr.  In the meantime, check out the cute mug-to-be that I’m crocheting.  I saw the idea on someone’s blog last week and now I can’t remember who it was.  Oh well, thank you brilliant blogger lady whoever you are.  It’s cute, isn’t it?  If I don’t get dragged out and forced to shop again tonight I should be able to put the handle on and finish it (after I scan my drawings, of course) and maybe even have a picture of it for you tomorrow.  Oh the excitement.

Look, A New Drawing!

The set is up! Drawing 365 is official. There are a whole two drawings there. Check back every day for new drawings.

I went back to Lotus Yoga with Andrea last night and it was HARD. We worked on all the tight areas of our bodies which means it was a good thing to do, but really tough, and I came home feeling like a limp noodle. I didn’t think I’d be able to hold a pencil (we even did hand and wrist stretches) but I grabbed my pad and made a quick sketch of myself in class. Well, maybe it’s someone based on myself. My feel aren’t really that small.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my year of drawings with Drawing 365.