Like Minds

I was just browsing one of my favorite cooking blogs, Smitten Kitchen, when in the sidebar, I saw a little picture of delicious chocolate cookies and the title World Peace Cookies. This just made me laugh and made me have to share this link with you because I have recently been obsessed with these cookies. The are easy and chocolaty and so incredibly delicious. I told my sister on Thanksgiving about how wonderful they were and she called me on Sunday morning as she was in the middle of making them. She laughed at how I wrote “Try not to eat them all yourself” as the last step to the recipe, but that’s only because she hadn’t yet tasted how wonderful they were. See, the last batch I made were devoured my me and Luke and we didn’t feel bad at all about not sharing. The recipe is by Dorie Greenspan and the reason for the title is that Dorie feels that if everyone had one of these cookies, there would be peace on earth. I’m with Deb, of Smitten Kitchen, though, that if everyone had one of these cookies, the people in my general area would not be feeling particularity peaceful because I would be hitting them with whatever was nearby in order to steal their cookies from them. If you’re looking for a new, and ridiculously easy cookie this cookie-making season, try the World Peace Cookies. And try not to eat them all yourself.