What I Love: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Oh, Sally Hansen Salon Effects… I love you so.  (Incidentally, if anyone from Sally Hansen is reading this, you have me to thank you your recent surge in sales in the Connecticut area.  You’re welcome.) Have you seen these at your local drug store?  Have you, like me, thought they looked like the 2011 versionContinue reading “What I Love: Sally Hansen Salon Effects”

What I Love: Bar Keepers Friend

Is  it lame to love a cleaning product so much that I feel the need to write about it?  Probably, but I don’t care.  I’ve loved a mop and a magical mint pain patch before, so why not a cleanser?  My name is Lisa, and I can’t live without Bar Keepers Friend.  Neither can you,Continue reading “What I Love: Bar Keepers Friend”

What I Love: Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses

I’ve mentioned my love for Zenni Optical before.  Many times, actually: here, and here, and here for starters.  Well move over, Zenni.  There’s a new place on the Internet with cheap prescription glasses stealing my affections: Global Eyeglasses. This fabulous pair is called Stardom SD 403 (which appears to no longer be available on theContinue reading “What I Love: Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses”

What I Love: Not Being Carsick

Are you one of the lucky people who can go for a long ride in a car without feeling like you want to die from the motion sickness?  If so, consider yourself lucky.  I’ve always had a little trouble traveling in the car, but in recent years it’s gotten much worse and sometimes I can’tContinue reading “What I Love: Not Being Carsick”

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

After Christmas and my birthday, there’s no other day I’ve looked forward to with such excitement as the day the farmers’ market would reopen.  Since the end of last October, my Sundays have seemed empty.  I would drive past the marketless Hale Homestead and feel sad.  But sad no more!  This Sunday the market opensContinue reading “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

What I Love: Motorcycles

So yesterday I was a teenage girl, today I’m a teenage boy because I’m publicly declaring my love for motorcycles.  I would shout it from the rooftops but I wore the wrong shoes today for climbing onto the roof. This motorcycle, above, is the one I usually ride.  It’s Luke’s old Buell that he letsContinue reading “What I Love: Motorcycles”

What I Love: Moms

My mom, specifically.  Moms are the best, aren’t they?  I know that yesterday was Mothers’ Day, but I was busy cooking and celebrating the moms in my life and didn’t have a chance to write.  Plus, telling your mom how wonderful she is doesn’t have to wait until Mother’s Day, right? Oh, and in caseContinue reading “What I Love: Moms”

What I Love: Brett Dennen

If ever there was a perfect example of the look of someone not meshing with the sound of their voice, Brett Dennen would be it.  King of It.  My awesome music-loving friend Megan introduced me to Brett Dennen with one of her famous mix CDs (and then moved far, far away to Philadelphia, leaving meContinue reading “What I Love: Brett Dennen”

What I Love: Salonpas

I’ve called these my “Magic Patches” and they really are.  I’m not one to believe in topical remedies or quick-fix gimmicks – as my mom once told me, you wouldn’t pour a soda on your neck if you were thirsty – but no matter what my common sense or my doctor tells me, these patchesContinue reading “What I Love: Salonpas”