Narcoleptic Slacker

Last night I failed at being productive.  After a tiring day of work, I had to go return a pair of pants that I bought Luke (eight years we’ve been married, you’d think I’d know what size his pants were…) and then I made a quick trip to Jo-Ann Fabric.  Not that I needed anything in particular, I just missed it there.  After all that, I got home, made some dinner, and promptly fell asleep in the couch.  I woke up at 10:30 with Molly snoring on my chest and the news on the television.  Whoa.  Apparently I was tired.

So in lieu of the things I had planned to make last night and show off today, I give you the cute apple tote I made over the weekend.  I love this fabric.  If I can find more, I think I might make myself a skirt for the spring.  Isn’t it adorable?  One more Christmas gift checked off the to-do list.


When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Tote Bag. Or something like that…

Well, it’s not what I planned to make.

I should never have written down my to-do list because I’m much too scatter-brained to stick to any one idea.  I set out to make the painted fabric wall hanging that Martha had on her Craft of the Day to hang in my hallway.  I, of course, cannot follow directions to save my life, so decided to do it differently.

I made a stencil out of freezer paper and painted this leaf thing on some gorgeous batik fabric.  I pulled the freezer paper off and finished painting it freehand.  Then I stretched the fabric over a wooden frame, stapled it, hung it on the wall in the hallway, went to bed, and woke up the next day hating it.   It wasn’t right, the frame was too big, the color of the fabric against my purple walls looked too matchy, something wasn’t right.

So I did what any normal person would do, I cut it off the frame and made a tote bag out of it.

Now I love it.  It’s big enough to fit a hardcover book, a water bottle and my little purse.  The straps are nice and long and they stay on my sad little shoulders.  And I had fun with the fabric painting, I might make a few more hand painted tote bags for the shop.  What do you think?

PS: Check out the cute bistro set my sister bought us for our deck (in the first picture). Who has the best sister ever?  That’s right, ME!

Got a Brand New Bag

I made myself a new bag last night and I am in love with it.  I bought this apple and pear fabric months ago with no idea of what I’d make with it.  I just knew that every time I walked past it at Jo-Ann’s, I’d pick it up and admire it and for some reason I loved it.  Last night it finally found its purpose.  Cute, huh?

It’s really not that big.  It’s only wide enough to fit my checkbook, and just a bit taller, but plenty big for me!  Tonight I think I might make a matching checkbook cover.  I just typed that sentence and thought, how lame does that sound?  A matching checkbook cover?  What has become of me?  OK, how about I make a funky, coordinated pouch for my checkbook.  There, that sounds much better.

Excess Baggage

Luke was cutting down some trees in my neighbor’s yard yesterday and I just wasn’t in the mood to change out of my jammies to go out in the cold, so instead, I threw some more logs into the wood stove, sat down in my new lovely pink office, set a movie to play on the computer, and started to sew. And sew I did. Two totes, ten wallets, and five wristlets. I even put together some gift wrap bags to sell at the Holiday Sale. Oh, by the way, yes, that means it’s on. More info later in the week.

Shop Update: Tiny Totes Now On Sale

I finally updated my Lisa’s Studio shop last night and added the new little purses I’ve been sewing. Because everything needs a cute name, I call them Tiny Totes. Right now there are only five, I’m working on more, plus wristlets and business card holders. More updates coming soon!

Side Note (or footnote, I guess, since this isn’t on the “side” per say, anyhow… ) The whiney camera saga and the blind picture-taking which includes unfortunate glimpses of my chimney and my hose reel should be ending soon. Hopefully Friday. More details to come. How’s that for a teaser?


I take it back. I may not hate sewing as much as I thought. See, the worst part of making these little purses (which is all of the sewing I’ve been doing lately) is the zipper. It drives me nuts, I stab myself with pins, I curse, I rip out seams, I sew again, I bend needles… it’s no fun. Every time I make a new purse I make it a different way, trying to find a better way, and last night I found it. Eureka! This purse was not so hard, it only took me an hour to make, and the zipper is in almost perfectly. I think I’ve finally honed my method. I can’t wait to try it again tonight on another purse!

By the way, how cute is this purse? Yesterday it was a lonely old sheet I found at the Salvation Army, today it’s a handmade purse featuring the softest vintage fabric in a retro flower print. Funny how that works, huh?


I blame the Internet. Or the blogosphere, whatever you want to call it. So many of the blogs I read and love are written by very handy women who can and do sew. They make it look so easy and their photos are so inspiring that I was determined to dust off my sewing machine and give it another go.

It started like this:

Pretty fabric, isn’t it? It’s sort of canvasy and thick. It’s lovely. I had a bag in mind that I wanted, as my sister pointed out, I pretty much wanted a diaper bag with the pockets on the inside. So I made up the pattern in my head, cut the pieces, and off I went. One movie, (The Holiday – very cute), and another hour and a half later, these fabric pieces became… a BAG!

Can you believe it? I really can’t. It’s especially amazing to me that the handle hasn’t fallen off or something else hasn’t gone wrong. It’s perfect! Here’s a shot of the inside with the pockets for my water bottles and stuff.

So are you impressed? Sorry about the harsh look of these photos, it was about 1:00am when I took the pictures and the lighting at that time of the morning isn’t the best for photographing a dark brown bag. This prototype worked out so well that I think I might make it again a bit wider and put some sturdy interfacing between the layers so it holds it’s shape. Might as well do something since I’m not sleeping, right?