In Celebration of Shopping

In celebration of Cyber Monday and all that is wonderful about shopping for great items on sale, today there are an amazing bunch of bargains to be had in my Etsy shop.

All inventory in my shop that was more than a month old has now been bundled into gift sets that will save you up to half off the original prices.  Necklaces, purses, earrings, snowkids, pincushions… it’s all on sale.  Don’t miss your chance to grab one of these great bargains.  Shop NOW!


I’ll Take One of Everything


The homepage at Etsy today featured an interview with Kerry of Tryst By Kerry, my new favorite Etsy shop.  Her “oui” necklace caught my eye immediately, and then of course I’m a sucker for anything with birds, so I immediately wanted this necklace.  And these earrings!  I have to have these.

After drooling over a handful of the twelve pages of gorgeous jewelry in her shop, I went back to read the interview.  She graduated from college with a degree in biomedical engineering!  I’m impressed.  Go check out her shop, wallow in the gorgeousness, and buy me something while you’re there!

Happy Shoes

I’m having another very grumpy morning, but trying to fight it with quite possibly the world’s cutest shoes.  Am I right?  Am impluse buy from Target – the best $20 I’ve spent in quite some time.

See?  Sweet ruffles, cute strap, the tiniest bit of a heel, and raggedy stockings with mini runs in the toe.  Actually, those are sold separately.  As is the dog hair on the floor.  So glamorous, wouldn’t you agree?

My Spectacular Powers of Avoidance

I went shoe shopping again on Tuesday.  Still on the hunt for dark brown, semi-sexy, not harmful, peep toe shoes to go with my dress for the wedding THIS SATURDAY.  Oh, and by the way, since you asked, this is the dress.

That’s a terrible shot of it.  It’s much cuter in person.  I got so tired of taking bad photos of myself standing still that I decided to twirl in it.  Much better, I think.

So anyhow… shoes.   I went to the mall on Tuesday determined to find shoes.  And I did, see?

It’s always easier to find the shoes you’re not looking for than the shoes you need to find BEFORE SATURDAY.  They were on sale for 75% off, they were cute, and they were just what my tired, wedge-wearing, weary feet wanted when I walked into Famous Footwear.

But moving on, I took the advice of a couple of you and went to Macy’s.  I looked around and around at the shoes and was disappointed to find that the perfect shoes that I have pictured in my head were not there on the shelf.  Deflated, I headed toward the door, walked through the dress section.  And stopped.  And bought myself a dress.

It makes sense, right?  I can’t find the shoes to go with the dress I have, maybe I just need a new dress!  I love this dress.  It’s cute, it’s comfortable, and coincidentally, it was also 75% off.

Maybe it’s all the episodes of Swingtown I’ve been catching up on lately, but this dress flung itself off the rack at me and demanded that I buy it.  I love the flowy, 70s style of it.  But guess what?  I still needed shoes!  I went back up to the shoe department, now looking for BLACK semi-sexy, not harmful, peep toe shoes to go with my NEW dress for the wedding.  No dice, but I did go back to Famous Footwear where I found these babies.

And, as far as dress shoes go, they’re actually pretty comfortable.  Bonus!

I got home Tuesday night feeling happy that I had a new outfit that I loved and felt comfortable in, and then I went out on the deck to take these pictures last night and now I’m not sure what to think.  Both dresses look hideous.  I look hideous.  Maybe I should just return the new black one and wear the white one.  But then I still don’t have shoes.  GOD, WHEN DID I BECOME SO SHALLOW??

Even the dogs thought I was being ridiculous and after the eleventy billionth attempt to get a good shot of me in the dress, they started jumping in the shot.  Ug.  What’s a shallow, self-loathing, flip flop-preferring girl to do?

I’m going barefoot.

Hours spent over the last two days shopping for shoes: 6

Fun had and shoes purchased: 0 and 0

One time I went shopping with my sister at NY & Co., her favorite store.  We spent a good hour there shopping around, trying things on, and I found a top I thought I might like but the price was $17.99.  I hemmed and I hawed and I finally put it back deciding that $17.99 was too much to spend on a top.  We left there and went to Williams Sonoma where I fell in love with, and purchased a colander for $18.  This explains a lot about me.

I don’t like to spend money on clothes, which you may have guessed by looking at me.  On any given day I’m probably wearing something given to me by my mom, handed down from my sister, or purchased at the Salvation Army, Wal-Mart, or on a good day, Marshall’s.  Right now I’m wearing my favorite after-work outfit: a tank top from Wal-Mart and a pair of yoga pants I bought a million years ago at TJ Maxx.  I’m cheap.  Well, at least when it comes to clothing I am.

We have a wedding to go to in a week.  I’ve known about it for… two years, maybe?  I bought a dress months ago (at Marshall’s for $19.99) and now I need shoes.  The dress is cute, an I Love Lucy, vacuuming in high heels, June Clever, 50’s-style dress.  It’s adorable, I love the cut, and it has a funky little print to it.  A fun, retro-type dress needs specific shoes, right?  But what kind of shoes?  This is my problem.  Well that, and the fact that I’ve probably spent $40 this entire year on shoes (two pairs of Teva flip-flops, that’s about $40).

There is a bit of dark brown in the print of the dress so I’ve been looking for brown shoes.  I like a little heel, maybe a peep toe, maybe a round toe… beyond that I’m lost.  I also have the problem of owning feet that aren’t used to being in shoes, let alone GIRLY shoes so everything is uncomfortable and if you’re going to make me pay money, a lot of money, on a pair of shoes, I think they should at least not cause me to bleed.

I spent forever in Marshall’s yesterday, found a pair that were OK, but for $40 they should be more than OK.  I went to DSW, tried on every shoe in the store, liked a pair that were $120 but 1.) they wouldn’t have gone with the dress (I just tried them on because I liked them), and 2.) $120!!?!  Went back to Marshall’s thinking I might like the OK pair more now.  I liked them less.  Today I spent another eternity in another Marshall’s and left empty-handed.  I went to Burling Coat Factory and left with a pair of earrings.  I even went to Payless.  Remember, me = cheap.

What am I going to do?  I want a cute, sort of sexy, semi-sensible pair of size-9ish dress shoes that don’t cost a fortune, won’t cause bodily harm, and that I could wear again to work.  Also, they should go with my dress.  Should I suck it up and go to a proper shoe store?  What is a proper shoe store?  Macy’s?  Share with me you’re shoe shopping wisdom (unless you’re Paula and have teeny, skinny feet that never fit into any of the shoes you like).  I want to success stories.  Inspire me ladies!  I’ve only got a week and I don’t think my Tevas are going to go all that well with my dress.

Excuses, Excuses

I didn’t get home until 10:30 last night.  After yoga, Andrea dragged me to the mall and forced me to use her coupon and buy a cute new jacket at NY&Co. for only $10.  She’s mean, isn’t she?  Then we went to Barnes & Noble to try to find some books that aren’t preachy and religious that would give some answers about heaven to my very analytical and curious 5 year-old nephew who has lately been obsessed with the topic.  Something like 101 Facts About Heaven.  Andrea and family don’t go to church or talk about religion, and other than mentioning that Grandpapa and Sydney have gone to heaven, no one talks about god or heaven but lately it’s been on his mind and he won’t drop it.   It makes me smile because he thinks just like me and I find it funny, but I can’t imagine being Andrea and having to answer impossible questions like “does it snow in heaven?”  or “when God dies, who will be in charge of heaven?”

Really I’m just trying to come up with an excuse why I haven’t scanned my drawings yet.  I think it’s Andrea’s fault.  Tonight, I promise I’ll have them scanned and up on Flickr.  In the meantime, check out the cute mug-to-be that I’m crocheting.  I saw the idea on someone’s blog last week and now I can’t remember who it was.  Oh well, thank you brilliant blogger lady whoever you are.  It’s cute, isn’t it?  If I don’t get dragged out and forced to shop again tonight I should be able to put the handle on and finish it (after I scan my drawings, of course) and maybe even have a picture of it for you tomorrow.  Oh the excitement.

Wishful Thinking

Christmas is coming. I just Googled “days till Christmas” and found that there are only 61 shopping days left. Target has their Christmas trees out, Jo-Ann Fabric shoved the Halloween costumes out of the way weeks ago to make room for the ornament display, and I keep thinking about what I want to buy and/or make for everyone on my shopping list. Whenever I get asked about what I want for Christmas, I always feel uncomfortable and inappropriate, like Christmas lists and wish lists are for kids, grown-ups shouldn’t do that. But still, someone will ask, and so I have to come up with an answer. For a while, Amazon was great for keeping a wish list because they have goods from so many retailers, but if you want something unique or handmade, there was nowhere to place a subtle hint, a guilt-free wish list. Until Etsy. I love Etsy for so many reasons, but one of the best is the “Favorites” link on every shop homepage. I like to look at these lists if I see a shop selling things I like. It’s like getting recommendations from someone I know has tastes like mine. But then I realized that it was a great way to also keep a Christmas wish list. When I’m browsing around on Etsy and see something I love, I click the “Add Item to Favorites” link and viola! a new item is added to my ever revolving wish list. Check it out, here’s what my wish list looks like right now: Pretty please, I’ve been a good girl, I swear. There’s a tab for items I like, and there’s a tab for the shops I like. Very cool. Even if you’re not a seller, you can set up a favorites page as a buyer on Etsy, too. Just register, and click away. Then make sure everyone knows your Etsy ID so they can look you up and see what’s on your list. Happy shopping!