Rex and Steggy


Valentine’s Day seems to be about a hundred years ago, but since I’ve been MIA for so long, I have a lot of catching up to do.  I’d like to introduce you to Rex and Steggie, (or Kissasaurus and Huggasaurus Rex, as I called them when I delivered them), two felt dinos I made for Cameron and Alex for Valentine’s Day.  Back around Christmastime, Cameron saw me knitting and asked me to knit him a dinosaur.  I said “maybe” which he took to mean “absolutely, right this minute!” and from that day on, each time I saw him he asked if I’d gotten a chance to make him that dinosaur “like I promised”.

Valentine’s day seemed like a good excuse to fulfill my promise, but I decided that I had no hope of knitting them so I’d make the dinos out of felt.  I played around with some paper pattens and came up with Rex first.  He came out perfectly and I nearly sprained my arm from patting myself on the back.  I just sewed a toy!  Very exciting.  After Rex, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make two of the same dinos to avoid the “I wanted that one” fights, but that seemed boring so I challenged myself to make a pattern for Steggie.  He was supposed to come out smaller than Rex but, sadly, things didn’t work out that way.  That left me with a dilemma.

Big brother, Cameron is on a kick now where he has to be the biggest, best, fastest, the one with the most guns, the most powers, etc. etc.  So… would he want the biggest felt dino, or the smaller T-Rex dino, since T-Rex was the king of the dinosaurs?  I couldn’t decide so I consulted my sister who said he’d want the biggest one.  I think I would have lost either way, but unfortunately when I delivered them on V-Day, Cameron complained that he didn’t get Rex until I told him that he was hurting my feelings.  The next night I watched the boys so my sister and her husband could go on their belated anniversary/Valentine’s Day date and both boys tucked their dinos into bed with them when they climbed under the covers so I think that everyone was happy in the end.


Weekend Wrap-Up

Let’s see, how can I possibly catch up?  How about some more pictures with short captions instead of proper stories to go with them.  Yes, that sounds like a plan.

Friday was Cameron’s birthday party.  There was a rockin’ bouncy castle with a basketball hoop and a slide.

I made a cake shaped like a castle with a blue frosting moat and graham cracker drawbridge.

It was lovely.  And then it rained.  AGAIN.

This made Bella sad. (Bella is my cousin Mandi’s daughter. She’s so cute it hurts to look at her.)

Presents were opened while the rain fell and it made me so happy that he yelled “Mommy! SCIENCE!” when he opened the microscope we gave him.  He also didn’t want to go back outside after that.  He wanted to stay in and “do science”.  How cool is that?

Saturday we went to Amanda and Greg’s for their annual 4th of July Party and Fireworks Extravaganza.

We ate red velvet cupcakes and visited with friends.

Then we played with sparklers…

And sampled some of Target’s finest fireworks.

(Filler photo, unrelated to the next story)  Sunday I took my sister and the boys to the farmers’ market for their first visit.  It was a beautiful day and the market was crowded and lively.  I didn’t bring my camera, figuring we were just going to the market. Boy, was that the wrong choice.  We had bought all of our goodies and were standing in line for the Italian ice when a man tapped my sister on the shoulder and asked her very nicely if she knew there was a frog in her bag of lettuce.  Now that’s fresh!  There was indeed a good-sized frog trapped in her bag, trying to figure out how it got there.  We released it into the shady ferns and laughed all the way home.

(More filler photos.) Sunday afternoon we headed to our final party of the week and although I brought my camera along, I didn’t take it out.  I was exhausted, and decided to put strawberry shortcake in my hands instead of the camera.  It was a beautiful afternoon in the always gorgeous South Glastonbury.  We visited and chatted until I was so tired I didn’t think I could possibly make it home.  It was truly a beautiful, fun, amazing weekend.

So there you go, now we’re all caught up.

Chaos and Flowers

This weekend kicks off a week and a half of relaxation and parties that begins with a Friday afternoon hair appointment and ends with me dying of fun at the close of next weekend.

Friday we bring our friends’ camper to Luke’s cousin’s house to get ready for the big graduation party/summer pig roast extravaganza on Saturday.  There will be lots of food and SUNSHINE! and a live band.  I’m very excited.  At some point between now and then I have to make a million or so mini devil dogs for the party.  After probably staying up way too late Saturday night, I have to leave the party grounds Sunday morning to meet my sister at my house at noon to leave for a few days in Maine.

We’ll be in Maine playing on the beach, visiting the zoo and outlets, and generally having an awesome time until Wednesday when we come back and switch gears into birthday party mode.  Cameron’s 7th birthday party will be on Friday and I’ve promised to make his cake.  He requested one with a jousting match, a castle, queens, and knights fighting.  Also he wants it chocolate and vanilla.  Hmm… not sure how that one’s going to turn out.

The next day is the 4th of July which is PAULA’S BIRTHDAY! and also our favorite annual 4th of July party in Farmington for which I have to make something delicious.  After that I plan to go to bed early and not do anything until Monday.

This week has been chock full of preparations for the upcoming fun and I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday.  Monday was shopping day where I got almost everything I needed.  Yesterday was sewing day – because of course I need a new camera bag, headband, makeup bag, and the summer blouse from my Weekend Sewing book before I go.  The shirt needs to be finished, hopefully tonight in between all of the cooking.

Yes, tonight is cooking night.  I need to make a freeze a few meals for my not-helpless husband.  He could cook for himself, but I feel bad leaving to have fun while he’s slaving away at work.  I’m also going to make a batch of yogurt to bring to Maine, I’m going to make attempt #2 on the mozzarella, and I’m going to prep the desserts I’m bringing to the 4th of July party.  Oh, also the million mini devil dogs.  Are you tired yet?

I still have to buy the rest of Cameron’s birthday gift, finish up some crafting, and pack for two separate trips.  Phew!  I’m going to need a vacation after this vacation.  But I’m not complaining.  Barbecue, friends, beach, family, cake, and more friends?  Sounds perfect to me.

What I Love: Moms

My mom, specifically.  Moms are the best, aren’t they?  I know that yesterday was Mothers’ Day, but I was busy cooking and celebrating the moms in my life and didn’t have a chance to write.  Plus, telling your mom how wonderful she is doesn’t have to wait until Mother’s Day, right?

Oh, and in case you’ve been on the edge of your seat wondering:

I made the strawberry cupcakes.  And they were delicious.  Very sponge-cakey and pleasantly not-too sweet.  Yum.  Just right for a post-breakfast treat.

So anyhow, back to the moms.  In addition to my favorite mom – mine – I realized that I’m surrounded by and acquainted with so many wonderful moms.  My awesome sister, for example.

Now if my mom or my sister had blogs, I’d refer you to their sites, but since they’re two of the last four people in the world without blogs, I’ll refer you to some of my other favorite moms on the Internet.  Some of them I know, some I wish I knew, some I feel like I’ve known for years.  Enjoy, and happy day-after-Mothers’ Day to all!

Amanda of Me, My Dogs, My Life : funny lady extraordinaire and rockin’ mom to Jane

Karen of Simply June : crafty, creative, and mom to Kolya

Heather of Beauty that Moves : you remember Heather – kind, creative soul and mom to Emily

Anna Maria Horner : gorgeous, creative mom to five kids with one on the way any minute now

Amy of Amalah : hilarious, smart and funny mom to Noah and Ezra

Beautiful Stephanie of Nie Nie Dialogues : mom of four, healing and recovering after a tragic plane crash last fall

Here equally lovely sister Courtney of CJane Enjoy It : mom to “The Chief” and all-around fun, insightful lady

Amanda of SouleMama : crafty, sweet mom of four from Portland, Maine

Amy of Angry Chicken : creative, crazy mom of three who shares my insane need to make odd things like her own underwear and homemade butter (although not at the same time)

And of course you can’t forget the mom-queens of the Internet, Heather of Dooce and Ree of The Pioneer Woman

Now it’s your turn.  Tell me about your favorite moms – actual and virtual.  Who did I forget?

Happy Earth Day/Birthday

There are two reasons to celebrate today.  It is not only Earth Day, it is also the day, four years ago, that this happened:

FOUR YEARS!?  I can’t get over that.  He was a just little nugget, and now look at him, he’s a superhero:

Happy Birthday Alex! And Happy Earth Day to everyone.  Do something good for the earth today.  It’s not hard. I, for instance, planted a dwarf lime tree so I will never run out of limes for my gin and tonics.  See?  Plant a tree and celebrate Earth Day.  I’ll drink to that.


Lest you think I’ve completely abandoned you, here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to lately.

Easter colored Oreo cupcake candies… mmm.

New purses headed for the shop soon.

My new second-favorite dog, Chaz. He belongs to Luke’s cousin’s family.

Some Easter egg-hunting.

A few laughs.

Hey, look! GG’s on the Internet again! (She’s gonna be maaaaad…)

Here’s a really nice picture of my mom.

And the whole fam-damily.

And Luke’s mom in her fancy, new VW.

Look! Buds on the trees. Spring will be here soon, they tell me.  And OK, one more…

That one is for GG who likes animals wearing little hats.

Well, I hope you all had a lovely, busy, crazy fun weekend like I did.  Now are we all ready to face this week?  I’m not so sure I am yet.


I was going to call this post “Embroider-y”, as in, “I’ve been all embroider-y lately”, meaning I’ve been thinking and playing with embroidery a lot, but then I realized that “embroidery” was an actual word, and that I am an idiot.

In any event, this is the work-in-progress embroidery portrait I’ve been working on.  What?  You don’t recognize who it is?  Here’s a full-body shot, maybe that will help.

Why, of course, it’s ME!  It’s a drawing Cameron made of me last summer when we were in Maine.  (The original is here.)  I haven’t finished the hair yet, that’ll come tonight, and then I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.  Make a pillow maybe?  I don’t know, is it odd to decorate your house with pictures of yourself?