What I Love: Not Being Carsick

Are you one of the lucky people who can go for a long ride in a car without feeling like you want to die from the motion sickness?  If so, consider yourself lucky.  I’ve always had a little trouble traveling in the car, but in recent years it’s gotten much worse and sometimes I can’t manage a twenty minute ride without feeling queasy.  If I drive I can avoid the sick feeling, but I really don’t like driving, so mostly I just try to cope.

Over the years, I’ve found that Pepsi and pretzels help, as does riding in the front seat and not looking out the side window.  Last year I found some ginger flavored hard candies at a shop in Maine that were painfully strong but that helped with the sickness, but this year I found the mother of all remedies: Altoids Liquorice. (“Naturally Flavored With Other Natural Flavor Sweets” What exactly does that mean?)


Now, generally carsickness and the taste of black licorice would have to battle it out for The Thing That I Hate The Most, but I knew that along with ginger, licorice is a great natural remedy for nausea.

We were on our way to Maine, not even out of Connecticut yet, and I was feeling a bit green.  We had stopped to get gas and I went into the store for Pepsi.   At the counter I saw the Altoids and figured that if I could let ginger hard candies burn a hole in my cheek in the name of not feeling sick, I could choke down a couple licorice candies.  Well, let me tell you.  These things are magic.  And by magic, I mean that they made me feel instantly better, AND I kind of sort of started to like the taste of them.  They’re not as abrasive as black jelly beans, they’re slightly sweet and minty and almost sort of good.

If you get any sort of motion sickness, I would highly recommend these miracle mints.  I’m thinking of stocking up just in case they’re a limited edition mint.  Actually, just now I went onto the Altouds site to check – go there now, that’s one trippy website – and saw that Altoids makes a ginger candy, too.  Hmm… I might have to hunt that one down, too.

Altoids: Curiously Strong, and Magical, too.