A Constant State of Catching Up

So many great ideas…  It’s a good thing I didn’t resolve to get things done on time this year.  I wanted to tell you about the Christmas presents I made.  I started a “year in pictures” for 2009.  I have a hilariously embarrassing video of me attempting to play a dance game on the Wii to edit.  So many fun things to share!  Is it too late to catch up?  I hope not.  But in the interest of not boring you to death or overwhelming me, let’s start off slow.  How about I show off one or two Christmas crafts a day and then maybe I’ll have the slideshow and the dork video finished this weekend.  Sound good?

Today’s Christmas craft was one of my favorites and also one of the most irritating projects: the knitted disguise.

Have you ever tried to knit something that just didn’t want to be knit?  Seriously, I started this project about five times, knitting it halfway, then tearing it apart before finally finishing this one.  Do you get it?  It’s a neck warmer, and a disguise.

You couldn’t tell it was me, could you?  I saw the idea on Knitty and loved it.  Of course I didn’t follow their pattern or directions (hence the knitting, tearing out, knitting, etc.) and I made up my own mustache pattern that I knit into the neck warmer instead of sewing it to the outside of the finished project (as in the Knitty directions), but I love it.

Tomorrow’s Christmas craft: silhouette ornaments.


File This Under “Miscellaneous”

To avoid going another week without updating, today I present to you a collection of random of details hardly relating to eachother.  Hey, look! It snowed.

Wednesday a storm blew through the state and dumped a load of snow on us.  It started out pretty…

…and ended with rain and gloominess and slush. Yuck.  Even the pups didn’t want to go out in it.  Speaking of pups, I’ve had this lump on my floor since last weekend and I can’t get it off.  Any suggestions?

Peanut’s been visiting this week while her lucky parents are soaking up the warm weather in Florida for work.  She’s been a perfect houseguest and she cracks me up each night when she puts herself to bed around 10pm.  We stay up late in our house – last night I turned in around midnight – but Miss P will quietly get up from her bed in the living room around 10pm and head down to find a rug in one the bedrooms where it’s quiet and dark and the floors are warm from the wood boiler.

Unfortunately this means that she’s ready to get the day started at 5:30am, but a sharp “SSHH!” generally quiets her down and she goes back to sleep until 7am when Molly and I are ready to get up.

Speaking of warm, (?) I’ve been a knitting machine lately, cranking out these winter hats at an alarming rate.  Can you see the skull and crossbones?  I love this pattern.  This one’s for Alex, I thought he might like the pom pom.  I made one for me and one for Cameron, too.

Well that just about sums up this week.  Looking ahead, my mom had a birthday on Tuesday which we’re celebrating along with my dad’s birthday this Sunday, and Saturday is the big family Christmas party at my sister’s house.  Today I have a work holiday luncheon of Thai food that I’m pretty excited about.  Let’s kick the holidays off in chocolate-covered, high-calorie style!  Have a great weekend, everyone.


Thank you all for your anniversary wishes.  I’ll have you know I spent my ninth anniversary at the dentist and didn’t see Luke at all.  But still, romantic anniversary or not, nine years is nothing to sniff at!

I am busy, busy, busy at the moment and have no time to really update, but I didn’t want another week to go by without dropping in to say hello.  Here are a few peeks at what I’m working on and what’s going on around my house lately.

knitting Christmas gifts

someone is pouty and covered in dirt

some awesome salsa I canned the other night

a skirt in progress

Have a great long weekend everyone!

New Beginning

Sometimes I think that knitting has to be the ultimate practice in patience.  Sure, I could buy a scarf for $5 at Target, but I’d rather spend a year knitting one with $14 worth of yarn.  Knitting, screwing up, ripping out, starting again, this is my knitting life.

This past Wednesday I finished my first wristwarmer.  I cast it off the needles, tried it on my hand, and… meh.  It was OK, but I could do better.  The thumbhole was a little small.  I should have made it ten stitches wide, not six.  The cuff rolled up, I would have preferred to have a ribbed cuff.  So I took one last look at my two weeks of knitting work, sighed, and ripped it back to nothing.

I’ve started over with the ribbed cuff, and I think I’m going to like it much better.  At this rate, I should have both writswarmers done at the end of November provided I don’t tear them apart again.  Patience, must have patience…


I’m not sure why my pictures came out so crappy today. Just don’t look too closely or you’ll go cross-eyed with the blurriness.

On Tuesday during the presidential debate I started knitting my wristwarmers.  As is my impatient style, I started to knit without a pattern and ended up knitting the first one way too big.  Last night I tore apart what I had started and began again (after peeking at mitten patterns at Jo-Ann’s and getting a better idea of how many stitches to cast on).

I’m kind of glad that I started over because I tend to do this weird thing where I connect the things I make with the memories of what I was doing or watching at the time.  For instance, the starlings on my wall, I watched Dodgeball while I was painting them and now whenever I look at them, I think of Dodgeball.  When I was canning apple butter the other week, I was watching a marathon of Gilmore Girls reruns.  Now when I eat apple butter, I think of Lorelai.  So my thought was that anytime I put on my cute wristwarmers, I was going to think of the presidential debate and all that frustrates me right now.

Instead I’ll think of clowns since I was watching Pushing Daisies when I started knitting all over again. Crazy, drunken clowns.  Hmm… maybe I should rethink that one.


Well it only took me, what, a year?  I finished my green cable scarf.  I’m ready for winter now.  Actually that’s a lie.  I’m frankly shocked that it’s already the 11th of September and when did it start getting dark at 7pm?  I stop paying attention for a few days and fall sneaks in.  Sheesh.

Last night I went out on the deck to take a picture of the scarf in the natural light.  The whole herd came out with me and Bentley, the oldest and generally laziest of the three dogs took off down toward the river.  Little bugger.  I went off after him and we all ended up taking quite a nice walk by the river.  We were headed back up to the house when my favorite thing happened.  Bentley got a bit frisky and started chasing Molly.  They do this a lot but I’ve never been able to film it.  This time I had my camera ready and caught the spunk in action: (click here if you can’t see the video)

They’re so cute.  See clueless Peanut standing there wondering what’s going on?  Also please ignore the weird color, the camera was on the wrong setting.  I love watching them play.  We went back to the house and Bentley panted for about a half an hour, then resumed playing with Molly for the rest of the night.  Everytime I looked over at them, Molly was either pouncing on Bentley’s head on daring him to chase her.  Poor Peanut just watched and played with the cat toy she’s claimed as her own.

Now that the neverending knitting is done, what’s next?  Well I’m almost done with this project, and then I’m going to start on Christmas presents.  Many things to sew, a couple of things to paint.  I’m determined to be finished with all of my gift buying and making before Thanksgiving so I can send the entire month of December eating cookies baking.  But let’s not think about that right now.  I may have my scarf, I’m still not ready for all of that.

Crafting 365

I joined a Flickr group yesterday called Crafting 365.   Members post pictures of their works in progress and label them by the day, for instance, this one is called Crafting 365:15, because I posted it on the 15th of January.  It’s a great way to keep track of your progress, see what other people are doing, and also motivate yourself to do something so you’ll have a picture to post every day.  Feeling crafty?  Join me and Craft 365.  Actually, craft 366, it’s a leap year.  Or craft 365 and take a day off.