I posted this picture on Facebook this morning, but for the benefit of those not of the FB persuasion, please enjoy this most glorious glimpse of my mom, my sister, and me in our Halloween garb.  This picture kills me.  As does the image I have in my head of Andrea nearly falling on the floor and needing the table to hold herself up – so hard was she laughing when she saw my mom get out of the car in this gypsy wig.  Now, this wasn’t just another crazy Sunday with my family, believe it or not.  This was Cameron and Alex’s very first Halloween costume party.

My sister did an amazing job with the party planning.  I couldn’t help her, I had gotten back from St. martin less than 48hours before the party kicked off, but she obviously doesn’t need any Halloween party help from me!  There was creepy food, scary haunted houses to build, an over/under pass-the-pumpkin relay, scary storytelling, and a great alternative to musical chairs with Halloween themed mats to step on instead of chairs.

Here’s the whole creepy crew.  Ninjas were popular this year, I see.  I love Scooby Doo down there at the bottom.  That’s my cousin’s son Hunter who played every game on all fours and ran as fast as the other kids on his hands and knees.  I did manage to help out a teensy bit with the party by making my favorite Oreo balls into creepy mice for the party.

I used Golden Oreos so I could add a bunch of food coloring and make them gross and red inside when you bit them.  They were a success.  I only wish I’d given them creepy red eyes.  Maybe next time.  Andrea made very cute eyeballs out of white chocolate-dipped donut holes served on a fork – how clever was that?

And one last picture to delight and horrify you.  Christian was dressed as a vampire – which isn’t a stretch since he draws blood all day long at work (as a phlebotomist) – but when the party was over and Andrea and my mom were taking off their costumes, Christian became… well I’m not really sure what he is, but man is it scary.

Happy Halloween!!



Happy Halloween!  This past weekend we proved, once again, that you’re never too old to do something silly, like carve pumpkins.  Luke, our neighbors Roland and Renee, and I got together and gutted some squash for fun.  Can you guess which is mine??  I bet you can’t…  Renee was the creative one who carved the goblin, mine is the face on the left, next to Roland’s.  Luke’s is all the way to the right.  Here’s what they look like lit.

Ohhh… spOOOoooky!

At home today I’m living my own spooky scene out of The Birds, only for me, it’s The Flies.  Luke is on vacation this week, and all day yesterday while I was at work, he was working outside with the doors open.  The house is now FILLED with flies.  I went downstairs this morning to start the wood stove and spent half and hour killing flies like a maniac.  I came upstairs and killed a few more in the kitchen.  I went into the bathroom and killed a bunch more there.  As I type, there’s one soon-to-be-dead fly who keeps skimming the top of my head.  It’s disgusting and I don’t know what I want to do more, whack flies, or smack Luke with the fly-swatter for letting them in.  For someone who normally “wouldn’t hurt a fly” I’m feeling a bit violent today.  HA!  I got him.  No more tickling my hair, you sucker!  Anyhow, I’m heading out in a bit to go see my nephews in their costumes.  I can’t wait.  Melt-your-heart cute pictures to follow shortly.  Happy trick-or-treating to everyone!