Online Spectacles

Not to brag, (OK, maybe just a little) but I tend to get a lot of compliments on my glasses.  This leads into the inevitable “where’d you get those” question and my overly-thorough 20-minute presentation on the how, where, and why of buying eyeglasses online.

The last time I was giving this eyewear dissertation, I said, “I really should write a blog post about this”, thinking that it would be helpful so I can stop overwhelming the listener with facts and tips, and it would give me a place to leave the links to the websites I recommend.  So here we are.  Let me start by giving you some tips and bits of information you’ll need before ordering, then I’ll give you some of my favorite online spec sites.

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What I Love: Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses

I’ve mentioned my love for Zenni Optical before.  Many times, actually: here, and here, and here for starters.  Well move over, Zenni.  There’s a new place on the Internet with cheap prescription glasses stealing my affections: Global Eyeglasses.

This fabulous pair is called Stardom SD 403 (which appears to no longer be available on the site.  They’re very much like these but without the blingy letters on the temples.)  They’re comfortable, they fit perfectly, the prescription seems to be spot on, and they arrived just one short week after I ordered them.  Best of all?  With shipping they cost me $24.97.  I want to wear them all the time and pretend I’m a move star.

Next I’m getting these.  I love you, Global Eyeglasses!