Shop Update

It’s been a million years since I had a shop update. You know what took me so long? I couldn’t find the right thing to model the necklaces on when I took the pictures.  I tried bottles and glass hands and everything else I could think of and nothing looked right to me.  I heaved a big sigh and finally broke down and bought one of those generic, black velvet neck forms.

There was another problem, though: it was a generic, black velvet neck form and I hated it. So, what did I do with it?  I made a paper maiche facade for it and painted it white. Of course, duh!  Seriously, a little tissue paper, a little wheat paste, and a little white acrylic paint and now I love it.  Luke thinks it looks like a creepy, old lady neck, but I think it’s neutral and lovely with an interesting texture.

So finally, FINALLY, there are some new products in the shop.  I hope you love them.  There are a few extra long, Mandi necklaces, some fun summer-colored three-strand Andrea necklaces, and more necklaces and earrings to come over the next few days. Go check it out!


In Celebration of Shopping

In celebration of Cyber Monday and all that is wonderful about shopping for great items on sale, today there are an amazing bunch of bargains to be had in my Etsy shop.

All inventory in my shop that was more than a month old has now been bundled into gift sets that will save you up to half off the original prices.  Necklaces, purses, earrings, snowkids, pincushions… it’s all on sale.  Don’t miss your chance to grab one of these great bargains.  Shop NOW!

An Update (of sorts)

I don’t know what’s happened to me lately, but the Internet suddenly makes me feel overwhelmed and exhausted.  I’ve been juggling several large projects at work and my brain is so tired at the end of the day that all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch something brainless on TV like Romancing the Stone, which I’m doing right now.

I keep thinking I should write about something, but unless you want to hear about the 57 multi-page press clips (so far) that I’ve scanned, edited, and archived; or how I yelled at a contractor today; or how I locked myself out of my office this morning, well I’ve got nothing much to tell.

So how about some pictures of my friends’ kid?  She’s cute.

This is Kristy.  We spent Friday evening with her and her parents in Colchester where the sunsets are amazing.

Then there was Saturday… what did we do Saturday?  Oh, I remember.  We made one very nice and saintly patient man named Jose want to quit his job as waiter at Azteca Grill.  We went there Saturday night with our neighbors and an out-of-town friend.  This friend and this neighbor both like to tell stories and get loud and pester waiters.  I’m surprised that Jose didn’t call security and have us thrown out.  He most definitely earned his tip and then some. Muchas gracias, Jose.

Sunday? Hmm… nothing much happened. It was chilly. I wore a sweatshirt and we talked about firing up the wood boiler.  Then Mother Nature laughed at us today and apparently let the Heat Miser take over. Hello ninety-four degrees! Haven’t seen you in a while.  My plans to muster the energy to make jalapeno jelly tonight were thwarted by the thought of standing over a pot of boiling water in the 90-degree kitchen.  Maybe tomorrow.

Well, that should just about get you caught up.  There are a couple of new things in my Etsy shop, should you care to take a peek.  More things are coming later this week.  I promise to get over my recent Internet aversion and update again before the week is over, but right now Joan Wilder is calling.

Aw, Shucks.

Thanks again to everyone who entered Heather’s giveaway of my goodies (and her cookbook).  I am shocked and humbled that 358 people would all want to win something that I’ve made.  Or maybe you just like free stuff.  Can’t blame you there.  Either way, thank you again, and welcome to any new readers we may have picked up.


For the 357 of you who did not win the giveaway, I wanted to let you know about a special deal going on in my Etsy shop during the month of May.  My 33rd birthday is coming up at the end of the month, so to celebrate, I’m going to include a surprise birthday gift with every order of $33 or more.  Hurry on over there now and see what’s new.

OK, the shop-pimping and sales-pitching is now officially over. Back to our regularly-scheduled whining and photo-posting (and hyphen-overuse).

I’ll Take One of Everything


The homepage at Etsy today featured an interview with Kerry of Tryst By Kerry, my new favorite Etsy shop.  Her “oui” necklace caught my eye immediately, and then of course I’m a sucker for anything with birds, so I immediately wanted this necklace.  And these earrings!  I have to have these.

After drooling over a handful of the twelve pages of gorgeous jewelry in her shop, I went back to read the interview.  She graduated from college with a degree in biomedical engineering!  I’m impressed.  Go check out her shop, wallow in the gorgeousness, and buy me something while you’re there!

Guilty of Neglect

Ever since I started sewing Christmas presents (in… um, July) I haven’t touched my Etsy shop. It’s been lingering.  I’ve been selling things and not restocking.  Listings have been expiring and I haven’t been renewing them.  I’m very ashamed.

Tonight I spent a good three hours fixing some of that neglect.  Go visit now and you’ll see some new items, new sections, and even a CLEARANCE SALE!  There are more new items to come, but I had to quit for tonight.  Someone’s accusing me of another form of neglect.

All Cynicism Aside…

If you have a moment today or tomorrow, please visit the NieNie Benefit Sale on Etsy and grab yourself some beautiful handmade goodies donated to benefit Stephanie and Christian Nielson.

You may not have heard the story of Arizona blogger and mother of four, Stephanie Nielson and her husband Christian who were critically inured in a plane crash several weeks ago.  If you’d like to catch up on the story, read this brief, or this article.

I was an occasional NieNie Dialogues reader, but after hearing about their accident I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Stephanie and her family and how one day you’re life is beautiful and the next, it’s a painful struggle for breath.

I’ve been keeping tabs on Stephanie and Christian through Stephanie’s sister’s lovely website C Jane Enjoy It, and was thrilled to hear about the benefit sale today.  I was logged in to Etsy and waiting at 12:55 for the 1pm sale to begin.  By the time I made my purchase at 1:10, there had already been 105 sales!

Please visit, help if you can, and enjoy the beautiful generosity of the wonderfully interconnected Internet community.

See?  I am capable of writing something completely void of sarcasm and complaints.  Amazing, isn’t it?