Everlasting Aquarium

Do you have a friend who just can’t keep her fish alive, no matter how hard she tries?  A friend who probably has a WANTED poster tacked up at the back of the aquatic area of every pet store in Connecticut?  A friend who wants to have fish but keeps mysteriously losing the ones she buys?  If you have a friend like this, have I got the perfect solution!  The everlasting, impossible to kill, no tank-cleaning required tropical aquarium.

A while back I had seen this post on Purl Bee about making magnetic, felt fish and it caught my eye.  I bookmarked it and went back a few times to look at it, then one day while trying to decide what to make a certain friend (cough!Paula) for her birthday, it hit me!  Fish that won’t die!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Some people have bad luck with houseplants, others have bad luck with fish.  This friend is one of these people.  No matter what she does for them, her fish keep croaking and I didn’t want her to get discouraged about losing so many fish so I thought I’d just give her a few that would never go belly up.

Each fish is made with layers of felt sewn together with a magnet sandwiched inside.  My handy-dandy husband cut out a piece of steel in the shape of a tank and I spray-painted it a nice shade of tropical blue.  I added some plants and a few rocks and, ta-da!  An everlasting aquarium!  Never again feel the pain of flushing a dead fish or feel shame when entering the fish store.  My friend (cough!Paula) can move the fish around and rearrange the tank and – even better – never worry about leaving these fish alone when she goes on vacation.  Pretty neat, huh?

Happy Birthday, Paula.  I hope you don’t mind that I told the Internet that you’re a fish-killer.  Oops, did I say that?


Oh, gee!

Last week I proclaimed my love for embroidery.  Now I’m wondering if it’s the embroidery I like, or the felt.  I think I’m in love with felt.  I made this big monogrammed pillow over the last few nights and the felt was so easy to work with that now I’m imagining all sorts of new felt projects.  Felt purses, felt toys, felt hats…

A New Obsession

I believe I’ve been bitten by the embroidery bug. I now think that everything could be better with a little embroidery. I’m designing new pillows, updating old ones, and best of all, making pincushions!

I love these.  I already have enough pincushions of my own so I’m thinking of putting these in the shop.  They’re so much fun to make.  I made the one with the bird (which really looks like an Easter chick but that’s not what I was aiming for) while I watched Private Practice last night.

And can I say, the whole hype about a “Grey’s AnatomyPrivate Practice Two Hour Special Event” last night? Shenanigans.  There was no point at which the two shows crossed.  I was very disappointed.  Next week it looks like the characters will actually be on the same set together so NEXT week can get the “2-Hour Special Event” hype.

So anyhow, pincushions! Cute, no?  Stay tuned for a shop update and more embroidered things, I’m sure.


Get it?  Heart. Felt.  HA!  I’m a genius.  But anyhoo… aren’t these cute?  I made them over the weekend, inspired by this post on Purl Bee.  The embroidery floss was already out, and there are always felt scraps around the house.  (Or is that just me? I always have pipe cleaners, too. Is that weird?)

Of course, patterns are like recipes which means I just can’t follow them.  I embroidered mine since I’ve been embroider-y lately.  I didn’t think I’d wear a fluffy heart pin so I thought I’d make them as decorations instead.  And I couldn’t find my pinking shears when I was making them  so they have smooth edges, but I just found my pinking shears so I think I might try cutting them now.  Or should I leave them?  I can’t decide.  But either way, you should try making them.  Oh – and they’re stuffed with regular, old cotton balls, since I always have those around, too.  See how simple?  Now you have no excuse not to make your own.


I was going to call this post “Embroider-y”, as in, “I’ve been all embroider-y lately”, meaning I’ve been thinking and playing with embroidery a lot, but then I realized that “embroidery” was an actual word, and that I am an idiot.

In any event, this is the work-in-progress embroidery portrait I’ve been working on.  What?  You don’t recognize who it is?  Here’s a full-body shot, maybe that will help.

Why, of course, it’s ME!  It’s a drawing Cameron made of me last summer when we were in Maine.  (The original is here.)  I haven’t finished the hair yet, that’ll come tonight, and then I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.  Make a pillow maybe?  I don’t know, is it odd to decorate your house with pictures of yourself?