Let’s Talk About TV

My mom called last night.  She was worried that I hadn’t been blogging and I’d been so busy lately with work that I hadn’t even returned her emails.  I admit, I’ve been bad.  But work has been so head spinningly, panic attack-inducingly INSANE for the past couple of weeks.  Add to that the cold that wouldn’t go away and the thought that I’ll be leaving in a jetplane in oh, nine days… aaah!

But I’m good.  The cold is finally gone.  If you ask Dr. Google, I had H1N1.  All the symptoms were there except for the fever.  Let’s just call it a nasty two-week cold and leave it at that.  So with long days of exhausting work and a lousy splitting headache, what else can you do at night but watch TV?  Luckily the new shows have been starting up and I have to say I’ve become hooked on a couple.

Dancing With the Stars, of course.  DWTS just finished week three and my favorites so far are Kelly Osbourne, Louie the snowboarder, and Mya.  I don’t want to admit that I like Donny Osmond,  but honestly he’s doing great and he gave Bruno a big fake kiss on the mouth this week so I think I have to like him.

The Middle.  I never expected to like anything Patricia Heaton acted in, so deep was my hatred for anything Everybody Loves Raymond (I have the same problem with Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus), but I watched the first episode last week and I love this crazy family.  From the moment the sulking, sarcastic teen-aged son came into the kitchen to complain about something and Heaton’s character, Frankie said “I can’t hear you if you’re not wearing pants” I was hooked.  The sarcasm and love and twisted disfunctionality – I just love it.  I can’t wait to park myself on the couch tonight to see the next episode.

Glee.  Let’s see… cute, sassy people with incredible voices singing Journey and Bonnie Tyler and Kanye West songs in a high school glee club and an a capella group called “The Acafellas”?  You had me at Journey.  Last week there was even a guest spot by Kristin Chenoweth.  How could it get any better?  There’s a new episode on tonight.  I think I missed an episode, maybe the first or second one?  I’m not sure, but once things calm down I’m going to go online and catch up.

Eastwick. I love this show and I am more than certain that it will be canceled, which makes me sad.  I love Eastwick for the same reasons I loved Pushing Daisies and we all know how well that went.  It’s lovely and funny and magical and a pure delight for my very tired brain.  Based on the movie The Witches of Eastwick, Eastwick the show is set in a small New England town where three very different women come together via some strange and mysterious circumstances that all seem to surround the arrival of the handsome stranger Daryl van Horne.  It stars Lindsay Price from another canceled favorite Lipstick Jungle, and Rebecca Romijn and I am just praying that it won’t be canceled right away.  Give me a full season, at least.  Please, ABC.  Another new episode is on tonight if I can stay up late enough to watch.

Other than DWTS on Mondays, it looks like all the shows I like are on Wednesday.  That makes it easier to remember what days to tune in.  And three of the four are on ABC.  Way to go ABC.  So tell me, what are your favorite shows?



I love awkward people.  Maybe they make me feel less awkward myself, maybe I can relate to feeling out of place, whatever the case the socially awkward of the world are my favorite people.  I want to take them under my arm and encourage them, and when someone laughs at them, I want to punch those people in the face.

I think what I really like about awkward people is their lack of a protective shield.  They don’t pretend to be someone or something else, they’re just themselves, giggles and snorts, inappropriate nervous jokes, vulnerable and real, and that makes me love them no matter how weird they may come off.


Recently, one of my favorite awkward people was Steve Wozniak.  Watching Steve try so hard on Dancing with the Stars and earnestly have such a great time just warmed my heart.  When it came time to hear from the judges, I held my breath, hoping they wouldn’t be mean to Steve.  Really, how could you be mean after watching this?

After Steve, my other recent favorite awkward person has to be Internet sensation and Britain’s Got Talent contestant, Susan Boyle.  You must have seen her already, I ,myself, have watched this video probably six or eight times already and nearly cried each time.  Take a moment and go watch it again (or for the first time).


Susan was on The Early Show this morning and I wanted to reach into the television and give her a big hug.  She’s funny and honest and real and completely awkward but completely herself.  (Oh, and also she has an AMAZING voice, duh.)  She mentioned in the YouTube video from Britain’s Got Talent that she had never been married, never been kissed (“but that’s not an advert!”) and that got me thinking.  Can you guess what I’m thinking?

I think that Steve and Susan are a match made in reality television heaven.  Don’t you?  Steve could swoop in on his Segway and carry sweet, unemployed, never-been-kissed Susan off into the sunset where they could live happily ever after.  Someone needs to make this happen.

Just Lovely

Last night Andrea and I dropped in on a yoga class at our old favorite, South Windsor Yoga Studio. Back about a hundred years ago we were SWYS regulars. We both went for a few years and then things happened, we both got married, one of us had babies, and we both stopped going. Andrea had been going to SWYS on and off, but I hadn’t been there since… hmm, probably since 2000, maybe 1999. Long time. We sort of both lost track of our class at Lotus Yoga. As much as we liked it, the day wasn’t working and we wanted something different so when Andrea suggested we drop in at SWYS on Monday night, I said sure. And all I can say is that it was like going home.

Honestly, it was surreal. The studio has changed very little, and Paul and Sydney, the couple who own the studio, they’re still teaching the classes. For me the sound of Paul’s voice, the flow of the postures, the method, the whole thing, it was like having deja vu for an hour and a half. It was wonderful. My brain stopped, my body relaxed, and I enjoyed every second I was there.

We both floated out to the car and then, if we weren’t happy enough already, we stopped at Rita’s on the way home. I got a mango ice with vanilla custard and ‘Nilla Wafer Blendini and… yum. Unfortunately I was expecting to be blown away by some amazing, fabulous, never before experienced ice cream glory based on the things I’d heard people say about Rita’s, and because of that I was a little disappointed. It was good, don’t get me wrong, and I’d leave the computer right now to go get another one if you asked me to, but if you offered me a Blizzard from Dairy Queen or a Blendini from Rita’s, I’d have to take the Blizzard. We took our not-Blizzards-but-still-yummy Blendinis home to Andrea’s where we sat on the couch and watched Dancing with the Stars together. It was delightful.

Next week we plan to do the same. I’m not sure if we’ll go to Rita’s, but I guarantee there will be ice cream in there somewhere. Then we’ll watch the final DWTS of the season and one of us (or both of us) will cry because she’s rooting for Jason and I’m rooting for Christian. At least there will be ice cream.


One of the recent changes resulting from Luke working third shift is my new ability to watch whatever I want on TV without comments or complaints from the peanut gallery. Luke now falls asleep on the couch around 8 and sleeps until 10:30 when he has to get ready for work. This leaves me to watch decorating shows on HGTV or whatever crap is on E! or even Dancing with the Stars, like I did last night. And to my sister and my mom and Paula – I get it now.

Those ladies have loved Dancing with the Stars from the beginning. My mom and sister even went to see the traveling DwtS when it came to Mohegan Sun this year. Never having seen it because Luke refused to watch it, I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about.

Last night I was flipping channels, listening to Luke quietly snore next to me, and I landed on DwtS. Some lady in a purple backless dress was dancing with a man in a see-through shirt – interesting. They were cute and I was trying to guess which one was the star. The man’s name was something strange like Maksim. I think he must be the dancer, but either way, I was suddenly sucked in. Continue reading →