Stuff and Such

I’m feeling somewhat scattered lately. Small random thoughts don’t make for nice long posts, so here’s what’s been bouncing around in my head.
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I keep having the weirdest dreams.  Over the weekend I dreamt that Luke kept sneaking up and pulling a knife on me.  When I screamed at him, he would tell me over and over, “You need to know how to react! You need to know how to react!”  Then I dreamt that I was hosting a big barbecue for all of my favorite crafty bloggers.  They were all there – Amy of Angry Chicken, Claire of Loobylu, Amanda of SouleMama, Betz White, Patricia of A Little Hut – but I insisted on observing them through the windows from inside the house, since that’s how I usually spy into their lives online.
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I will never be cutting edge.  Last night I watched my first episode of 30 Rock and now I’m hooked.  Netflix has season one and two available to watch instantly so I blew through most of season one while cleaning the house last night.  So funny – where have I been?
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And speaking of cleaning, I think Method’s Multi-Surface Cleaner must surely be made of magic.  I usually use Simple Green to clean everything but it’s not great on glass and I’m tired of the smell.  I bought a bottle of the lavender scented Method cleaner and – holy crap.  It’s magical.  It cleaned EVERYTHING.  No streaks, no residue – it even cleaned the smudges off the stainless case on my MacBook.  Now I’m on a cleaning binge and I want to wipe everything down with this miracle cleaner.
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I just finished reading one of my birthday books. French Milk by Lucy Knisley was the first comic-style book I’ve ever read.  It’s a hand drawn journal of her month-long trip to Paris with her mom and I loved it.  I read it in two days and now I want to go to Paris.  Also India, thanks to a conversation I had with someone headed to India to visit family for a month.  Time to get a part-time job to fund my travel fantasies.



Remember my happy place? The antique store in Coventry? Well next door to the big antique store is a smaller building that houses a small collection of consignment stalls for antique-sellers, and a deli/cafe type place. The deli serves sandwiches and soup and they’re a perfect place to refuel during a long day of wandering around looking at antiques. Well… that deli is for rent. And I can’t stop thinking about it.

I saw the “for rent” sign last weekend and Saturday night I fell asleep and woke up thinking about owning my own cafe. I’ve always dreamed of something like that, but it’s more along the lines of always dreaming that I could be taller. It’s something I’d love, but don’t expect to happen, but for some reason I can’t stop thinking about it. I can imagine all the cozy details I’d love to have in there, the soups and sandwiches I’d love to serve on my homemade bread, the cookies and muffins I’d bake… See, there I go again.

I know I can’t do it, I don’t have the money, and I’m not ready to take a risk like that without having the money, but it sure is fun to think about it. If there are any Fairy Godmothers out there, or investors who want to buy a small restaurant but don’t want to run it, here’s your opportunity. An already running business with a good customer base and an enthusiastic general manager just waiting to run her own cafe. Oh to dream…

Reality Check

I’ve been having these weird dreams lately.  Perhaps it means that I should get off the internet, stop watching TV, and go talk to a real, live human being once in a while.  I keep dreaming about characters on TV and the people whose blogs I read everyday.

Last night I dreamt that I was out for a walk in a park with The Piemaker from Pushing Daisies. (I can’t even remember the character’s name.  The narrating voice of Jim Dale always calls him The Piemaker.)  We were just walking and talking, I’m not sure what about, but then he showed me how he could do a standing back flip.  Impressive.

The night before, I dreamt that I bumped into Heather from Dooce and Deb from Smitten Kitchen in the grocery store.  The same night, I also dreamt that I found an alternate website for The Pioneer Woman which gave the names of her family members, which she doesn’t do on her site, and had a link to a resume for her cattle ranching husband, Marborough Man, whose name, in my dream world, was Jeremy.  (???)

What is wrong with me?  I’m starting to worry.  Maybe I need more human interaction.

Whatever my issues, did you notice my subtle marketing tease throughout this message?  These are some new goodies I’ve whipped up this week for the Holiday Sale.  One week and counting…