Cameron’s Camo Cake

The camouflage cake was a hit. I used this cake (yum, like a big, moist brownie), with this frosting. Add about a gallon of food coloring, one tank and several army men, and you get birthday perfection.

I frosted the cake the night before the party and had a terrible thought when I woke up that what if all the green frosting colors melted together in the refrigerator? I was so worried that the mixing and blending and smoothing of camo shapes with various palate knives would be for nothing and we’d have a big nasty green blob cake! Luckily that wasn’t the case.

Here it was the night before just before I found that it was almost too big to fit in my refrigerator and almost had a breakdown on the kitchen floor.

And here it is just before the candles were lit (sorry it’s a bit washed out). I made the army guys look like they were holding the candles. It was such a fun cake to make. Now if only Charm City Cakes would open a Connecticut branch…