Sail Away

I may have mentioned this before, but I have a particular preference for a very specific genre of literature: the couple-sells-everything-buys-a-boat-quits-their-jobs-and-sails-the-world genre.  If they’ve been written, I have either read them or put them on my to-read list. The stories are all essentially the same. One or both of the couple is unsure, things getContinue reading “Sail Away”

Growing Older But Not Up

I really wish that everyone would declare a three-day weekend on their birthday.  I took Friday off to celebrate my turning 33 and spent the weekend celebrating and enjoying and smiling.  It was the best birthday weekend ever.  It kicked off Thursday evening with the repainting of my kitchen. I call this color “33rd BirthdayContinue reading “Growing Older But Not Up”

To Read, or Not to Read…

I’m not sure if you’ve ever taken a peek at my list of “read” books on Goodreads, but a good number of them are either 1.) chick lit, 2.) Brit lit, or 3.) Brit chick lit. It’s like brain candy, I can’t help it. I’ve never been British or a 30-something singleton so there’s justContinue reading “To Read, or Not to Read…”


My attention span has been severely shortened by the combination of my constant desire to go outside and soak in the sunshine, and my recent massive doses of allergy medication. On that note… wait, what was I saying? Oh right, so here are just a few short ADD thoughts for today. I stayed late atContinue reading “Bits”

Books and Movies

I love movies, I love books, and I love the word “love” apparently, because I’ve used it about a hundred times throughout this post. Sorry about that. Even though I usually don’t like to, I recently read two books after seeing and loving the movies they were based on. As everyone knows, movies based onContinue reading “Books and Movies”