Placemat Pillowcases

My sister recently got new living room furniture and I had this idea that I wanted to give her the perfect patterned pillows as the best new couch-warming present ever. I wanted a good quality fabric with a fun pattern and I know she likes circles and dots, but none of the fabrics I cameContinue reading “Placemat Pillowcases”

Fit For a Princess

This weekend we had a combination Father’s Day/Andrea’s Birthday celebration at my mom’s house.  My sister (who was turning 35, I might add) requested a princess cake.  What, might you ask, is a princess cake.  Good question.  After making Alex’s birthday cake in the shape of a dinosaur, I thought that maybe I should makeContinue reading “Fit For a Princess”

What I Love: Moms

My mom, specifically.  Moms are the best, aren’t they?  I know that yesterday was Mothers’ Day, but I was busy cooking and celebrating the moms in my life and didn’t have a chance to write.  Plus, telling your mom how wonderful she is doesn’t have to wait until Mother’s Day, right? Oh, and in caseContinue reading “What I Love: Moms”


Lest you think I’ve completely abandoned you, here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to lately. Easter colored Oreo cupcake candies… mmm. New purses headed for the shop soon. My new second-favorite dog, Chaz. He belongs to Luke’s cousin’s family. Some Easter egg-hunting. A few laughs. Hey, look! GG’s on the Internet again! (She’sContinue reading “Snapshots”

Guess What?

It’s somebody’s birthday today. She’s related to me, she’s older than me but she’s shorter than me, she’s my mom’s favorite because she provided grandchildren and I didn’t… Any guesses? That’s right! Today is my sister’s birthday!! Happy birthday Andrea! She doesn’t read blogs, not even this one, but I wanted to send her aContinue reading “Guess What?”