Hey There!

There are certain times of the year when I feel more talky, and other times when I want to crawl in a hole and talk to no one.  Fall seems to be a talky time, and since I feel bad monopolizing the front page of the joint blog I’m a part of, I thought I might come back here, now and again, for some longer form, rambling thought posts.  Sound good?

While I get busy writing some new posts for you, please take a moment to read some of my posts on IMHO.

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Puppy Blues

Please Try Not to Remember Me


Hey, guess what?  I’m blogging!  I am, just not here.

I’ve teamed up with two friends to start IMHO, a joint blog with a pop culture slant.  Go check it out.  I might be back here now and again, too, but for now you’ll find me over there at least twice a week.  We hope you like it!

SXM: Days 0.5-2

So! How about some vacation photos? I promised this wouldn’t turn into the I’m sad because my dog died blog, and here’s where we bring back a little of the fun.

Last week, as you may have heard, we were in St. Martin (or sometimes Sint Maarten, depending on which side of the island you’re on) or as I like to write it, because it’s just easier: SXM.  This was our third trip back with our friends (who marked their ninth trip to the island) and this year they brought their two daughters.  Due to our new, extra-large group, we had to find a different place to stay than the previous years.  A larger place with more bedrooms.  This is the quaint little place we settled for.  It was alright:

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She’s gone.

This is the text message I sent to my family and some friends who knew what was going on last Tuesday. I couldn’t bear to say more.  My heart was broken, my best friend was gone.  She’s gone, my Molly.

I still think I see her in the house. Out of the corner of my eye, sitting on her spot on the couch, waiting by my feet in the kitchen, hoping for a dropped carrot or piece of cucumber.  The sound of the side door unlocking makes my chest hurt.  This was the sound of letting Molly out in the morning.  I had to choke back sobs last week when I dropped a bowl of chopped cauliflower on the floor.  No one would be there to to pick up my dropped messes in the kitchen again.

She’s gone.

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