I was listening to the lovely podcast She Does last week when it featured an interview with documentary filmmaker, Kalyanee Mam.  Near the end of the podcast, in a moment so brief you might have overlooked it, Mam said something so incredibly true and profound that I had to write it down. When you really love what you’re doing—whenContinue reading “Confidence”

The Difference Between Me and Madonna

I showed up for jury duty today and no one cared.  There were no paparazzi, just metal detectors and a roomful of bored, twitchy people who didn’t want to be there.  Those who had served in the past shared their war stories of what was going to happen to us, and a man behind meContinue reading “The Difference Between Me and Madonna”

The Mall on President’s Day (alternate title: What? Are You Crazy?)

That’s right, Black Friday shopper that I am, I was a bit scared to enter the mall on President’s Day, but my mom and my sister persuaded me and so I went. It actually wasn’t as bad as I had expected, but we were there with the boys which meant spending time at the playContinue reading “The Mall on President’s Day (alternate title: What? Are You Crazy?)”

Oh, Hi There, Remember Me?

I’m sorry, it’s been nutty at work lately and we had a busy weekend and I’m so far behind n everything.  Well, everything but my Drawing 365, which I’ve been very good at keeping of top of.  Scanning my drawings, I haven’t been too on top of that, but I should catch up today orContinue reading “Oh, Hi There, Remember Me?”