Scenes From a Power Outage

I forgot that I took these pictures. Looking at them now makes me sad. I was so bored.

I wasn’t the only one. Five days without power is a long time when you’re not used to it.

I realized that I actually hate puzzles. I thought I was a patient person. I was wrong.

I hula hooped so much, I actually started to miss the treadmill. Blackout insanity, I’m sure.

I kept thinking of incredibly clever things that I would have posted to Twitter if I could have.

Now that I have Twitter back, I can’t think of anything to say. Funny how that works.


My New Etsy Art

Remember this print? One of the two gorgeous prints I won from the Roosevelvet Etsy shop? I wanted to show it to you in its new natural habitat. I framed it in dark maple and hung it on my new grass green walls and yes, it is hanging in my bathroom, but I heard that it was a compliment to hang someone’s art in the bathroom because of all the time we spend in that particular room. Not me, of course, just the collective “we,” anyhow, moving on…

Look at this new beauty that arrived from Crankbunny’s Etsy shop this week.  You need to go visit this shop right now. I bought her Secret Decoder Card for Cameron for Christmas and was blown away when it arrived by the quality and by how lush it was. It was amazing. I happened to see the Lady Fish Paper Puppet when I was browsing around the shop the other day and knew I had to have her.

I had a couple of lovely shadow box frames hanging around, waiting for the perfect inspiration and the Lady Fish was just what I didn’t realize I was looking for.  First off, it’s just a gorgeous piece of artwork. Second, it’s huge – about 15-inches the way I have her in the frame. And third, she came wrapped in purple ribbons in a box with purple duct tape. Everything was just perfect.

I cut some squares of illustration board to use to prop her up from the background, I positioned her perfectly and glued her in place.  Now she’s hanging next to my front door in place of the $2.50 Salvation Army Bob Dillon painting that Luke hated. A welcome change, I would have to say.

Ugly Door Update

After the Christmas decorations come down I always wonder how I’m going to put up with so little sparkle in the house for the next eleven months. The place looks stark and boring, no place more so than my ugly front door. Since early December, my Christmas cards covered up the sin that is this particular shade of nasty beige, but now that they’re down, I had to do something.  It’s too cold to paint the door (it’s metal and the paint won’t adhere) so I opted for an easy and removable little bit of pizazz: a vinyl decal.

These pre-cut and ready-to-hang decals can be found at most craft stores.  I got mine at Jo-Ann Etc. for only $14 since they were half off last week. The bird cage came in a set with another 20 x 30″ decal that says “home sweet home” with a decorative border around it.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with that one yet.  I’m thinking I might cut it up and use bits of the border in other places. The bird cage was super easy to apply and the vinyl it incredibly forgiving. (Trust me.  Applying a sticky circle to a raised panel door without turning it into a shapeless blob, all the while trying to keep the upright lines plumb… let’s just say there was a lot of removing and reapplying.) And in only about fifteen minutes, my ugly door went from hideous, to fancy!

Pretty neat, huh?  Also, please admire the work of the wonderful, new tripod that Santa Luke bought me for Christmas. Not only is it great for strapping the video camera to your head, it also works perfectly for low-light evening shots!


Well the strawberry won out over the carrot.  I do like the way some of you are thinking though, and if I have the time, I may just make both.  I managed to talk myself out of making new curtains for the living room, and instead decided to buy all new cabinet handles and drawer pulls for the kitchen.  I blame this most recent insanity on my sister, not my Martha tendencies.

My sister is in the super-fun planning phase of a complete kitchen remodel.  The exciting part where we spend a good amount of time looking at magazines and design books and imagining how awesome her new kitchen will be.  I’m very happy for her – no one deserves a kitchen re-mod more than she does – but now I’m jealous.  My kitchen only about 15 years old and is not in need of a remodel but it looks so old and drab.  It was built in the ’90s by a couple who were quite fond of the ’70s.  And not the ironic, kitschy ’70s – the hideous olive and harvest gold ’70s.

Everything is beige and dark oak with distressed brass hardware.  You can just imagine the mushroom motif dinner plates that would go perfectly in the cabinets.  As the appliances have been kicking the bucket we’ve been replacing them with beautiful stainless steel models and decorating with bold colors and eclectic antique store oddities.  I thought I liked the look of it but then I saw a picture of the kitchen the other day that made me want to rip everything out and start over.  The cabinets all looked so drab, especially with that hideous hardware.

When faced with the choice of a $20,000 kitchen remodel or finally investing the $150 to buy forty-three, yes, forty-three damn cabinet handles and drawer pulls, it seemed pretty obvious.  $150 didn’t sound so bad anymore so I promptly went to Lowe’s and found just what I was looking for.

Simple brushed silver. Clean, smooth, not at all ’70s-like: perfect.

I bought these for the drawers. I love them, they remind me of both a hardware store cabinet and a library card catalog.  And here’s the big picture:

Aah… much better.  Now there are two days left until our Mother’s Day breakfast and you know what I’m thinking?  New paint.


Get it? Elegance? Check out these babies that I picked up at the Salvation Army the other night.  Aren’t they beautiful?  I love monogrammed things, and I know that technically an L isn’t the monogram I should be looking for, it still counts since both our first names start with L.  Also, beggars can’t be choosers at the Salvation Army.  I think they bring a lot of class to my cabinets and I feel very 1960s Mad Men-esque when I drink my Emergen-C from them in the morning.


Last week I had just about had it with the cold and the mud and the general brownishness that is March.  I have a pretty, new camera, I have the urge to take pictures, but all I have to look at is mud, mud, and more mud.  I decided that I was going to go for a walk in the cold and find something colorful to take pictures of, by golly.  (I might have said something a bit more harsh than “by golly” but I’m just keeping it light and G-rated here.)  So come with me on my walk, won’t you?

See more pictures of the colors I found here.

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Organized

OK, you can hate me a little. Look at this cute, little shelf I just put together to organize my fabric and sewing things.  I’ve even organized my fabric by color and labeled the totes with little chalkboards.  Sickening, isn’t it?

On a side note, sorry for the grainy pictures.  The tone of the walls in my studio are the perfect shade of light-sucking pink that I am unable to ever get a good picture in there with my little camera.  Now if only I had a DSLR camera like someone I know who hasn’t even picked hers up since she got it for Christmas…

I love these shelves.  They’re by Closetmaid and I get them at Lowe’s.  They’re sturdy and inexpensive and after assembling three of them now, I’ve become an expert at shelf-building.  You can buy doors for the shelves, or these cute canvas cube totes that fit perfectly in the openings.  I’ve used mine for holding fabric.  The other shelves hold my crafty books and sewing patterns, plus some extra bulky pieces of fleece.  The shelf fit perfectly in this empty corner that previously held nothing but dust bunnies.  I needed more storage and more light in this corner so this shelf was exactly what I needed.

On top I have containers of zippers, ribbons, and binding.  Also some fun flea market finds, and a lamp I bought at the Salvation Army and brought back to life.  It was ugly, tarnished brass and cost me $4.99. A light sanding and a few coats of spray paint and it looks shiny and new.  Now it makes me happy to sit at the sewing machine and look over at my organized corner. Sigh…