Blogging…Is This Still A Thing We Do?

I can easily pinpoint the end of my cookbook collecting days. It was the day I joined Pinterest. Actually, it was a few months after I joined Pinterest, once I figured out what I wanted to use it for and realized that it was the world’s most enormous, easily-accessible recipe collection.

The end of blogging, that’s a little harder to narrow down, but it surely started its downward slide when Google killed Google Reader and reading blogs became less convenient. Then Instagram blew up and—at least in my case—I began to fulfill my need to share information about my life with anonymous strangers and a handful of friends by Instagramming altogether too many photos of my dog with witty little captions. Continue reading →


Sail Away

I may have mentioned this before, but I have a particular preference for a very specific genre of literature: the couple-sells-everything-buys-a-boat-quits-their-jobs-and-sails-the-world genre.  If they’ve been written, I have either read them or put them on my to-read list.

The stories are all essentially the same. One or both of the couple is unsure, things get bad and then they get worse, unbearable boredom and/or seasickness, there’s a whale/dolphin sighting, friendly hospitable islanders take the couple in, they realize how much they love sailing, they reluctantly head home, lives are changed forever. And yet, I finish one and can’t wait to start the next.

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Hey There!

There are certain times of the year when I feel more talky, and other times when I want to crawl in a hole and talk to no one.  Fall seems to be a talky time, and since I feel bad monopolizing the front page of the joint blog I’m a part of, I thought I might come back here, now and again, for some longer form, rambling thought posts.  Sound good?

While I get busy writing some new posts for you, please take a moment to read some of my posts on IMHO.

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Hey, guess what?  I’m blogging!  I am, just not here.

I’ve teamed up with two friends to start IMHO, a joint blog with a pop culture slant.  Go check it out.  I might be back here now and again, too, but for now you’ll find me over there at least twice a week.  We hope you like it!


She’s gone.

This is the text message I sent to my family and some friends who knew what was going on last Tuesday. I couldn’t bear to say more.  My heart was broken, my best friend was gone.  She’s gone, my Molly.

I still think I see her in the house. Out of the corner of my eye, sitting on her spot on the couch, waiting by my feet in the kitchen, hoping for a dropped carrot or piece of cucumber.  The sound of the side door unlocking makes my chest hurt.  This was the sound of letting Molly out in the morning.  I had to choke back sobs last week when I dropped a bowl of chopped cauliflower on the floor.  No one would be there to to pick up my dropped messes in the kitchen again.

She’s gone.

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