A Constant State of Catching Up

So many great ideas…  It’s a good thing I didn’t resolve to get things done on time this year.  I wanted to tell you about the Christmas presents I made.  I started a “year in pictures” for 2009.  I have a hilariously embarrassing video of me attempting to play a dance game on the WiiContinue reading “A Constant State of Catching Up”

In Celebration of Shopping

In celebration of Cyber Monday and all that is wonderful about shopping for great items on sale, today there are an amazing bunch of bargains to be had in my Etsy shop. All inventory in my shop that was more than a month old has now been bundled into gift sets that will save youContinue reading “In Celebration of Shopping”

Placemat Pillowcases

My sister recently got new living room furniture and I had this idea that I wanted to give her the perfect patterned pillows as the best new couch-warming present ever. I wanted a good quality fabric with a fun pattern and I know she likes circles and dots, but none of the fabrics I cameContinue reading “Placemat Pillowcases”


My cousin emailed me to ask for instructions on making the little Snowkids I make every winter, and as I was writing out the steps for her, I was reminded of She Likes Purple and her handwritten post last week.  I loved that idea so much, I decided, since I’m in such a good moodContinue reading “Handwritten”

Everlasting Aquarium

Do you have a friend who just can’t keep her fish alive, no matter how hard she tries?  A friend who probably has a WANTED poster tacked up at the back of the aquatic area of every pet store in Connecticut?  A friend who wants to have fish but keeps mysteriously losing the ones sheContinue reading “Everlasting Aquarium”


I finally got around to taking pictures of some of the things I’ve been sewing lately.  First up, hot off the presses (er… sewing machine) the Weekend Away Travel Bag from Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing book. Putting the bag together, I kept reading the pattern over and over because it just seemed counter intuitive toContinue reading “Made”

Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag

Yes, I did just call myself “Mama” but only for effect, you know, as in “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”.  I’m not actually a mama.  I feel the need to get that cleared up before anyone (hi Mom!) gets their hopes up. Check it out!  Cute, right?  I made it.  Did too.  Really.  InContinue reading “Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag”