About Me

My name is Lisa Gaumond. I live in Connecticut with my husband Luke, and my big-eared pup, Judy.

I enjoy traveling, writing, and taking pictures, (sometimes they’re not of my dog, but mostly they are). I love yoga, the ocean, cooking, stand-up paddle boarding, reading, playing, exploring, and learning.

I am a full-time yoga teacher and owner of Local SUP, a mobile stand-up paddleboard yoga business.  In 2016, I received my RYT 200-hour and LivFree certifications from The Yoga Shop, and in 2017 became a certified yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance. I have additional certifications in SUP Yoga, Chair Yoga for Seniors, Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness, and Paddle Skills for teaching basic stand-up paddleboard techniques and lessons. I teach vinyasa flow in all levels from basic beginner to heated power. My style is fun and lighthearted, inclusive, and encouraging.

Yoga has shown me how to spread my arms wide and unapologetically inhabit space. It has given me permission to breathe loudly, practice boldly, and challenge that voice in my head shouting out the can’ts and the shoulds. Yoga has taught me to live in and love my body. These things, and more, are what I hope to share with my students.

Check out the Teaching Schedule page to find out where you can take a class with me.  I also offer private yoga classes for honing skills, trying out new styles and techniques, and teaching yoga foundations for beginners.  If you’d like more information on a private session, please visit the Private Yoga page

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