Blogging…Is This Still A Thing We Do?

I can easily pinpoint the end of my cookbook collecting days. It was the day I joined Pinterest. Actually, it was a few months after I joined Pinterest, once I figured out what I wanted to use it for and realized that it was the world’s most enormous, easily-accessible recipe collection.

The end of blogging, that’s a little harder to narrow down, but it surely started its downward slide when Google killed Google Reader and reading blogs became less convenient. Then Instagram blew up and—at least in my case—I began to fulfill my need to share information about my life with anonymous strangers and a handful of friends by Instagramming altogether too many photos of my dog with witty little captions.

And the internet started to change. It became more crowded and somehow more mean. It feels like an overwhelmingly chaotic space with too many people shouting at once. Information comes in constantly and from everywhere.  It made me shut down.  I stopped feeling the urge to share my rambling thoughts and vacation photos on this blog.

But I miss this space.  I miss writing. I miss imaging that people are still reading and caring about what I write.  Also I spend a lot of time alone, which results in a lot of self-reflective thoughts and sometimes I really just want to write things down to work out what’s bothering me or inspiring me or echoing in my brain.

So, hey! I might be back writing a little more.  I think I’ll give it a try.  Mostly for me, just to process my thoughts, and if you follow along and comment, then hooray! Welcome.

In many ways, this feels like 2006 when I wrote my first stupid post on Blogger.  Remember those days?  I had just discovered blogs and wanted to join in the fun but didn’t know anyone else who read blogs so I was writing posts that no one was reading.  That was OK, though.  And it’s OK now if no one is reading.

Let’s try this again…

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