Birthday to Birthday

Today is my sister’s birthday (Happy birthday, Andrea!), a week and a half ago it was Luke’s birthday, and eleven days before that was my birthday.  We’ve got a lot of birthdays happening around here.

So now that I’ve had about three weeks to think about it, how about we talk about my birthday?  It was awesome.  Luke’s birthday was on a Saturday, which should have been perfect, except that everyone we knew was either on vacation, or had other plans that night.  So sad.  My birthday was the opposite.  It started with my favorite monthly appointment which is breakfast with my favorite bunch of loud-talky girlfriends at Ruben’s in West Hartford.  The waitress heard that it was my birthday and brought me a cupcake on the house.  After breakfast I headed to Prossage on the 22nd floor of the Marriott in Downtown Hartford for an amazing birthday massage.   What a beautiful place, I highly recommend it.  Especially for the post-massage view.

After my appointment, I was welcomed and encouraged to bring my swimsuit and enjoy the pool and hot tub.  You don’t know how disappointed I was that I couldn’t spend the rest of my day here, but don’t feel bad for me.  I had to leave my rooftop paradise to head home to my honey who had presents waiting and then whisked me out for lunch and a margarita.  It was the perfect sunny day so after lunch we came home to lay on the hammock where I read the book I’m currently obsessed with and he took a little snooze.  After relaxing and doing a little mild gardening, we took off for a sushi dinner.  What more could a girl ask for?  It was a perfect day.

The following weekend we had another blissful day visiting our friends at their boat in Stonington.  The sun was out, the winds were calm, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.  This picture, above, is Molly on the dock just moments before she mistook the algae in the water for a patch of grass that she could step onto and went for her first saltwater plunge.  This, below, would be the after.  Whoops!

Our sunny Stonington day kicked off a week off from work for both Luke and me.  The weather took a turn for the worse so we spent much of the time in the basement organizing the shop and other boring things.  We did manage to mess up the yard a whole lot by digging trenches so the chicken coop could have water and power and I can finally have water out at the vegetable garden.

We spent a good part of the day watching the chickens fall in and figure out how to get out of the trench.  Good times.  Just a side note here, Luke dug these trenches BY HAND.  With a pick axe.  Like an olde timey prisoner.  He’s crazy and I love him for that.  So to reward him for his back-breaking hard work, I made him take me out in the boat.  We had a gorgeous day of warm, sunny weather so we headed to quiet little Gardner Lake in Salem.  Man alive, was it beautiful.

We were practically alone on the lake.  I drove the boat around for bit while Luke fished, then he switched over to the trolling motor and I made myself a comfy spot to lay and continue reading my book.  It was heaven.  But that fishing was only practice for the next day when Luke went fluke fishing with our Stonington boat friends.  Now here is where I would include a photo of the beautiful day or the 68 pounds of fluke they caught and sold, but since that trip was boys-only and for some unknown reason no one thought to take any photos—FOR PROOF THAT THEY ACTUALLY CAUGHT ANYTHING—I present you with fishing boats at dusk, which I took that evening when I came to pick him up.

The four of us took the boat to the dockside restaurant around the corner—that was a fun, new experience of pretending to be a fancy boat-going person—and then we went back to our friends’ camp for a bonfire, some birthday cake…

…and some Sky Lanterns because the next day was Luke’s birthday!  (I’m still not sure how I feel about the Sky Lanterns.  They’re unquestionably beautiful and allegedly safe, but my painfully practical side keeps wondering about sending a paper bag with a lit candle loose in the wide open.)

We sent off two birthday lanterns and headed home after a wonderful day and a relaxing week of time off.  Luke’s birthday was mostly low-key because, as I mentioned, everyone and their grandma was out of town or busy, so there aren’t any photos, but a relaxing day was had by all.  So that’s it!  Birthday to birthday: it was a great couple of weeks!


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  1. 😀 I’m here under Amanda’s orders, although I’ve gotta say that I have no room to talk. If it weren’t for this August Break business I’d be posting about as rarely as you are.

    I can see why she wants you to do more posting, though. This was lovely! And I am now also going to be a little paranoid about sky lanterns, jsyk.


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