This Wild Idea

Are you on Instagram?  You should be.  Go check it out, download it on your phone, then come back here for this username that you’re going to want to follow: @thiswildidea

I have become obsessed with this guy and his dog, Maddie.  They’re traveling the country, meeting new people, recording stories, and best of all (for me) taking photos of Maddie in strange places and positions.  She’s been balanced on a bike, laying atop a wall mounted TV, or tip-toe on top of the golden arches. This week she was on a pool float, enjoying Las Vegas.  You should hear the debates in my household over some of these pictures and whether or not they’re Photoshopped.  (THEY ARE NOT.)

The photos of Maddie are great on their own, but when you read the story of her owner, Theron Humphrey, and the “wild idea” that he’s working on, it’s just amazing.  I used to love Steve Hartman’s “Everybody Has a Story” and I listen to every one of NPRs Storycorps broadcasts.  This project has the heartwarming goodness of both of this programs, AND a dog.  Check it out at

And don’t worry, if you’re not on Instagram, you still can enjoy Maddie’s photos at her website


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