First Quarter Review

Well with the first quarter of the year officially closed, I felt it was a good time for a review of my progress.  Unfortunately, despite making only two goals for the year 2012, I have made no progress toward either in these past three months.  In fact, I’ve cancelled one of my goals altogether.

Have you seen this site?  F*** Your Noguchi Coffee Table  (Please do not click that link if you’re allergic to the f-word.)  It’s a hilarious site mocking all things in hipster homemaking.  Every decorating trend you’ve seen over and over and over, it’s been singled out on this site.  Garlands, Acapulco Chairs, Frame Clusters, Tree Stumps, Maps, you name it. I’ll admit it did get a little personal the day I saw the rainbow bookshelf there, but I have seen more than a few of them so I guess I can accept that.  But then I saw this: Terrarium Tuesday. Hold on. Terrariums?  I just started thinking of making one and they’re already overplayed and annoying?  WHAT?  I was so embarrassed by this fact that I completely shelved the terrarium idea.  Goal #1 for 2012 has officially been crossed off the list.

I’m afraid that goal #2 doesn’t look very promising either.  Although in the abstract, I love the thought of going to Canada, making actual plans to head north is just not happening.  Instead I’ve been making plans to head south.  We keep thinking here and there about heading to St. Martin again with our friends this January.  We’re trying to weigh our desperate craving for sun and sand against the highest of high seasons on the island and traveling with a family of five.  Decisions are still up in the air, but in the meantime, I downloaded a dangerous app on the iPad called iCruise.  Search by destination, date, departure port, whatever you like, and you get a wonderful list of cruises that match your parameters.

There’s a slim chance that Luke could get the week of his birthday in early June off, so a quick search of cruises to Bermuda in early June finds an awesome deal on the exact week for a cruise leaving out of reasonably nearby Boston. Luke’s always wanted to go to Bermuda and I’ve always wanted to go anywhere that isn’t Connecticut, so this would be perfect!  We’re just looking at this point and trying (unsuccessfully) not to get our my hopes up.

Do you see my problem? Show me Canada and show me Bermuda and I will always choose the destination where I can go barefoot and lay on the beach with a rum punch in hand.  Sorry Canada, 2012 might not be your year.

3 thoughts on “First Quarter Review

  1. This is what I love. I am trying to catch up on blogs, and I don’t even remember originally reading this post, but now I see that I already have, and already basically made the same comment. My mind – it is gone.

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