Weekend Plans

So there’s this little series of books, maybe you’ve heard of them? They’re called The Hunger Games Trilogy?

I’m so out of the loop on what’s popular with the masses.  I don’t listen to the radio, I don’t watch TV on the TV (I watch it sans commercials on Hulu), and heck, we don’t even have real cable, just the local channels.  So when the whole world is abuzz about something or another, I have no idea.  Which is why I was shocked (SHOCKED!) to learn that it wasn’t just me and Luke who liked The Hunger Games.  Who knew!?

This weekend The Hunger Games movie will be released and I am so excited.  Luke and I are going on a double-date with my sister and her husband to see it on Sunday night.  Our hope is that all of the youngsters will have gone to the midnight Saturday and earlier Sunday showings and will be home, dutifully doing their homework or polishing their new mockingjay pins or something by Sunday night.  Please, dear gods, lets hope that this is true.  Although I would really like it if there were crazy costumed Hunger Games fans there in the audience. That would be fun.

Other than our double-date, my weekend is relatively plan-free.   Luke will be working until about 7:30am on Saturday (after starting at 5:30pm on Friday) so Saturday should be pretty quiet. Hopefully, if the weather cooperates, maybe we’ll take the boat out for her 2012 maiden voyage.

So what are you up to this weekend?  And more importantly, who are you going to dress up like to go to the movie.  I’m thinking Effie Trinket would be fun.


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