My mom sent me a text message the other morning which read: “Could you please update your blog so I’ll know what you’re up to?”

This text came in the day after my friend Paula told me she had a very vivid dream that I had published a book of all of the craft projects I’d been working on in secret, which was the reason I hadn’t been blogging in so long.

Sadly, no, I’m not working on a book, although that would be awesome, it’s just that I haven’t been up to much at all.  You’ve heard this excuse before, but Luke’s ridiculous work schedule is affecting everything and I spend my days scrambling to get things done at work so I can rush home and see him for a half hour before he leaves for work at 5pm.  After he leaves I usually make dinner, talk to the chickens, play with the dog, watch Hulu, clean the house, maybe I’ll sew something, probably I’ll be playing Draw Something, and lately I’ve been working on spiffing up the boat.  Wow, aren’t you glad I updated you on all that exciting stuff?

For those of you just catching up, this is our boat:

Yes, that’s right. It’s in our basement garage along with eight motorcycles. Don’t tell the insurance company. We just bought it in the fall and we’ve spent the winter cleaning it up, putting a new floor in it, and painting the inside.  I made new seat cushions and polished more fiberglass than I care to think about.  The boat left the garage this past weekend, which is good because we now have two other new projects to think about.

Paula was kind enough to give us some relics of her youth, an awesome 1980(ish) Jawa moped:

And a 1968(ish) Suzuki motorcycle:

Which led me to write on Twitter on Sunday:

We will soon be on a special episode of Horders about compulsive motorcycle collecting.

Seriously. These two bikes came home after a non-working quad joined the gang a few weeks earlier.  This brings our count up to eight bikes and two quads.

So what have I been up to? I’ve been up to my eyeballs in garage projects, that’s what I’ve been up to!  I’ve also been sewing a little, I bought a Clarisonic Mia, I’m working toward ditching my cable service, I’m thinking of going back to St. Martin for New Year’s, and I’m failing horribly at meeting my two goals for 2012.  All things I’ll hopefully talk to you about in future blog posts. Stay tuned…

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. 1. Please keep me updated on your quest to ditch cable TV because I’m trying to achieve that goal myself. I just bought the Roku as the first step.
    2. I think “Conversations With My Chickens” would make lovely daily blog posts. Just sayin’


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