Today is February first and the weather was glorious; it reached into the 60s. After last year’s miserable winter, I’d say that a day like today deserves a toast. How about we toast with my new favorite drink, the BLT?

Word on the street (or on the internet, to be more exact) was that Bulleit Bourbon was delicious. The problem was that no one told the package stores in Connecticut and I’ve been searching for it since the end of summer. I finally spotted it on the shelf of my local shop and grabbed a bottle this past weekend.

So then… what do I do with bourbon?  Gin drinks, rum drinks, even tequila drinks—I’ve got you covered, but for bourbon drinks, I needed some help.  I went straight to the source: and that’s where I found my new favorite.

It’s simple, it’s tart, and it’s surprisingly refreshing.  It’s a BLT (bourbon, lemon, tonic).

(recipe from

1 1/2 ounce Bulleit bourbon
1 lemon slice

Fill a rocks glass halfway with ice, add bourbon, squeeze lemon and toss in, then top with tonic and stir.

Now raise your glass and make a toast to beautiful weather and 60-degree winter days. Welcome February!



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