Are you a loyal follower of Thursday Night Smackdown? You really should be. Not only is Michelle hilarious and fun to read, but her blog will make you cook better, covet expensive kitchen crap, and, as evidenced by yours truly, it will make you lucky.

I won (again)! TNS was celebrating its fourth anniversary and Michelle offered a cookbook giveaway to her readers. Lo and behold, last night I see on Twitter that the winners were announced and I am one of them!  Woo-hoo!.

Now you may remember that I won another giveaway from TNS a couple of years ago, a gorgeous set of prints, and now check me out: winning again.

So now the hard part, choosing a cookbook.  Here’s the list I have to choose from:  I’m leaning toward Curry Cuisine since it’s been on my wishlist for two years or so and no one will buy it for me.  But then again there’s The Perfect Scoop, which I’ve always coveted, but I would really like a book of ethnic recipes, like The New Book of Middle Eastern Food… Oh I don’t know. This is a tough one.  Any opinions?  Which book should I choose?

And thanks again to Michelle at TNS, you’re the best. Happy blog birthday,  I can’t wait to visit Sweet Biscuit Barbecue in 2017!