Let Me Show You My Awesome Things

I have mixed feelings about writing about the Christmas presents I received. On one hand, it’s very CHECK OUT ALL THE STUFF I GOT!!!, and on the other, it’s also, hey, check out the cool stuff I got that you should get, too.

(As a side note before I move on to the show-and-tell, do you have an Amazon wishlist yet? You should. My mom even has one now (hi Mom!) and she can attest to the success of having a wishlist as much as I can. They are awesome for the receiver—because you get the stuff you actually want—and also for the giver—because sometimes I have no freaking idea what to get you for Christmas.  The two awesome things below are gifts that were a direct result of my Amazon wishlist.)

This adorable thing is a BookBook iPhone case. On the outside it looks like a small, leather-bound book (everyone asks about my bible) but on the inside, it’s an iPhone case, ID holder, and it has a small slot where you can stash some cash. It’s been my little purse/wallet since I unwrapped it on Christmas. You can fold the cover over so you can still talk on it, like a phone, but since I put my phone in it I’ve realized that no one actually calls me anymore. I might have gotten three calls in the past almost two weeks. My one teeny tiny little complaint is that there’s no hole for the camera lens so I have to slide it up, out of the case to take a picture.  But otherwise, it’s $60 of pure awesome.

This random collection of images is illustrating the completely magical, amazing piece of technology called an Eye-Fi memory card. This bit of wonderment is a regular-looking SD card for your camera that will pick up the wi-fi signal in your home and automatically download the pictures from your camera to your computer. Seriously. Take a picture and within seconds a window on your computer opens to show that it’s downloading the picture. The setup was quick and easy and so far it’s working like a dream.  You need to be within your assigned wi-fi area to download pics, so if you’re away from home taking shots, just turn the camera back no once you get home, and BAM! The pictures upload automatically.  No cords, no clunky interface, just magic.  You cal also set your Eye-Fi card to automatically upload your pictures to Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr as you take them, but that seems a bit dangerous, so I’ve disabled that handy function for now.

I also asked for and got a food dehydrator, an ironing board cover, and WeatherTech Floor Liners for my car but I’ll spare you the excitement of talking about those things. So what sort of awesomeness did Santa bring you?



  1. Dwayne! Like her blog more than WHAT?! Or, WHOSE??

    Anyway, my favorite gifts from Santa include my new Coach perfume (fancy pantsy) and my Book of Mormon t-shirt.


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