Happy new year! Tell me, did you make any new year’s resolutions?  I’m not a resolution-maker or a life lister, but there have been two things that I’ve been thinking about since the new year rolled around (a whole five days ago) and I would like to proclaim to everyone here that, if nothing else, I will accomplish these two goals in the year 2012.

1. Make a terrarium.

Big, lofty goal, I know. I keep seeing these gorgeous terrariums (terraria?) online and I really want to give it a try.  I think I can even do it for almost nothing, using the jars and plants I already have around the house. I’m gonna do it.  2012: Year of the Terrarium!

2. Go to Canada.

I have somehow managed to make it nearly 36 years without ever setting foot into our maple-flavored, hockey-loving country to the north. I intend to fix that this year.  The only problem is that Canada is huge and daunting and I have no idea where to go or what to do.  Have you been there?  Please tell me what I absolutely must see and where I must go.

So that’s what I’ll be working on this year, (provided that world doesn’t end). How about you?  Any 2012 goals?



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