Please Help Me

I have a problem that might be a mascara issue, or maybe an eye makeup remover problem. Either way, it drives me crazy on a daily basis and I am in serious need of some advice. The problem?  I call it Alice Cooper Eyes.

I don’t wear a lot of mascara—maybe a quick brush or two just to separate my lashes. I even buy the good stuff. Right now I’m using a Smashbox mascara, for Pete’s sake. But each night I use eye makeup remover, then an all-over makeup remover, then I take a shower, step out, look in the steamy mirror, and I have Alice Cooper Eyes.  Big, black streaks of leftover mascara running down under my eyes. I use more eye makeup remover to get rid of it, head to bed, and wake up with… you guessed it: Alice Cooper Eyes. The mascara, where is it coming from???

All that I wear on my eyes is a light tan shadow and a few strokes of black mascara, so it has to be the mascara that’s the problem.  I only buy non-waterproof mascaras. I’ve used Benefit (the WORST for Alice Cooper Eyes), Too Faced, and now Smashbox, but they all left me streaky.  I even switched to Sephora’s waterproof eye makeup remover, thinking that it might remove more mascara than the non-waterproof remover.  But, no. I still end up looking terrifying. What am I doing wrong?  Please tell me. What mascara do you use? Do you suffer from chronic Alice Cooper Eyes, too? HELP!



  1. I haven’t ever had this problem, and I’m going to confess…I’ve never used eye makeup remover. I don’t buy expensive mascara, the most I’ve ever paid is probably $8 for L’oreal at CVS. Right now I’m using Smooth Minerals mascara by Avon. What I use to take it off ~ Olay Foaming Facial Cleanser, and if there’s only a tiny bit of smudge leftover, usually under the lower lashes, I just wipe it with a Q-tip dampened with a teeny bit of water (or – don’t barf – touched to the tip of my tongue for a half-second). ((Hey, it’s my own spit and its not like I’m putting it into my eye!)) I am very fair, though, and have never used black mascara, always dark brown or brown/black. So maybe the black is a whole nother story!!


  2. ha ha love that pic. I don’t use eye makeup remover, because I’m not a real adult. After I take a shower, there tends to be mascara residue, and I just put extra moisturizer under my eyes and wipe it off. It’s all good!


  3. This sounds like a problem that we can fix tomorrow during our visit to Ultima. I can’t wait. Talk to you in the morning to make a plan. Yippeeee.


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