Summer Wrap-Up

It’s officially fall now. The calendar tells me so, and the frost warning issued for tonight nails it home. Fine. Whatever. I’m still holding onto my awesome summer, and since I was too busy having fun to stop and tell you about it then, why don’t we all relive those warm-weather days and have a late summer wrap-up?

Look! I’m wearing shorts! Remember those days? Long-time family friends of ours bought a house on a private lake in Hubbardston. MA and we go up each summer for a day of barbecue, catching up, and hanging out by the water.

It’s lovely there. Sigh… I discovered, though, that I am not cut out for fishing anymore. I used to love to fish with my dad and have so many great memories of our time in the canoe, but this time fishing was frustrating beyond all measure and something I’ll leave to Luke. He swears that fishing is the most relaxing activity. NONSENSE!

According to my photo record, nothing at all happened in August. Until that, you know, hurricane. But we’ve already beaten that one to death here.

We celebrated our anniversary this year by doing something I wanted to do all summer: get together with friends and go to a Friday night concert at Cassidy Hill Vineyard in Coventry. This picture is actually from the following week when Luke and I went back, just the two of us, to enjoy the evening all over again.

What a gorgeous place.  Everyone brings picnics and camps in the grass by the grape vines. Live music plays from the deck of the tasting room/store while the sun sets over the hill.  Just perfect. I can’t wait for next summer so we can go again.

The next weekend we went to an epic birthday party at our neighbor’s house. This is me and Tiffiny at the party. Miss Tiffiny is approximately 100 months pregnant and hopefully she’s currently in labor as I type this.

Now how many birthday parties have you been to that featured a hot air balloon AND a bouncy house?  I told you it was epic. Unfortunately the balloon ran out of fuel before Luke and I had our chance to take a ride, but I managed to laugh myself into a set of sore abs jumping around in the bounce house instead.

Up next on another sunny, gorgeous summer weekend was the Crusin’ on Main Street car show in Manchester. They close down a section of Main Street for this car show every summer and holy cats, I have never seen this many people in Manchester at one time before.

Perfect weather, beautiful old cars, and we even managed to run into my dad who was there showing off his very own hot rod.

This is my dad’s car here. Funny story: Although Dad finished restoring his Model-A around the time I graduated high school (and let me tell you, that was not a short time ago) I have still never ridden in this car.  My mom, my sister, my sister’s boys, my parent’s dog… everyone has ridden in Dad’s hot rod but me.  I guess I’m just never in the right place at the right time.

And that pretty much catches you up to speed. After the car show, Autumn swooped in and I’ve been inappropriately dressed ever since. Other than taking away summer, that’s the real reason I don’t like fall.  I never know how to dress. The mornings are in the 40s, by lunchtime it’s in the 70s, and by the time I get home from work it’s back down to the 50s.  Add to that the fact that my office leaves the air conditioning on until it’s cold enough outside to turn on the heat, and I’m either sweating or layering on multiple scarves and cardigans over my lightweight dresses.  Sigh… I’m sorry, I promise that this is the last time I’ll complain about fall. This year.

So what have you all been up to? Do you miss summer, too?


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