Disaster Preparedness

Hurricane Irene’s a-coming and I’m using my favorite technique for not freaking out about huge things like HURRICANES! I’m ignoring it. Pretending it’s not happening. This was working fine until today when there was a near fist-fight over D-batteries at Radio Shack and every five minutes someone on the television is warning us all to stockpile food and water! Keep vital paperwork and medication close at hand! The end of the world is near! OK maybe not that last part, but that’s how it feels.

The anxiety started to get to me today as I was moving all of our deck furniture to lower ground and rounding up buckets to fill with water. That awful lump in my throat wouldn’t go away and I felt like I wanted to jump out of my skin. That’s when I remembered something that I had picked up at the store, you know, in case of emergency.


I love a good gin and tonic and unfortunately lately, they have been hard to find. The tonic water in the grocery store tastes like corn syrup to me and it leaves my tongue feeling slimy and my heart feeling sad that my G & T didn’t really hit the spot. Enter: Fever-Tree Indian Tonic. Now normally I would not spend $6 on four 6-ounce bottles of tonic, but there was a hurricane a-coming, you see, and it was now or never. Well, let me tell you. It was a very good $6 investment.

The tonic is tart and mildly bitter with no overly strong sweetness. It’s as bubbly as champagne, which is fun, and although I won’t make it a habit, I’m glad I tossed this four pack in my cart yesterday as I walked down the completely bare bottled water aisle. If you think of it that way, I really had no choice but to buy it. It’s not like there was and plain water to be had.

The hurricane is set to hit here on Sunday morning and I only have three bottles to go. Better start rationing. All joking aside, be safe everyone on the east coast, catch you when the power comes back on.


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