Weekending in the Cape

Sigh… the Cape. I want to be back there again. Right this minute. As I’ve mentioned before (over and over), Luke’s work schedule has been so awful lately that I hardly get a chance to see him during a typical week, so when friends casually mentioned that they were going to Cape Cod over the 4th of July, and would we like to go with them, we both said YES! It was definitely the right decision.

We stayed in Hyannis at a beautiful hotel with two pools, a Starbucks in the lobby, and a golf course. This was the view out our sliding glass door.  The green was so close to our patio that the privacy fence separating the patios had holes in it from wayward golf balls.  The hotel was at the end of Main Street, within walking distance from the shops and restaurants, and a short drive from the beach.  It was perfect.

One morning we went deep sea fishing (These two are the generous friends, Mark and Tiffiny, who invited us to join them on vacation, as well as Tiffiny’s adorable baby belly, and the first fish she mercilessly caught that morning).

We went to the beach; we got ice cream; we had dinner at many delicious places (like Alberto’s in Hyannis Port); Luke and I walked all around town one morning while Mark and Tiffiny slept in; we had leisurely breakfasts at outdoor restaurants and pretended we were in a foreign country instead of Massachusetts; we played Punch-Bentley (similar to, but more expensive than the usual Punch-Buggy because, seriously, I have never seen so many Bentleys in one small area in my life!); we relaxed; we watched 4th of July fireworks over the water; and had a truly wonderful weekend.

I highly recommend it. Another big thank you to Mark and Tiffiny for a fantastic getaway. So how was your 4th of July? How many Bentlys did you see? And tell me, what is the proper plural of Bently? Bentlys? Bentlies?


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