What I Love: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Oh, Sally Hansen Salon Effects… I love you so.  (Incidentally, if anyone from Sally Hansen is reading this, you have me to thank you your recent surge in sales in the Connecticut area.  You’re welcome.)

Have you seen these at your local drug store?  Have you, like me, thought they looked like the 2011 version of the icky Lee Press-On Nails?  Well we need to stop being so judgmental because THESE THINGS ARE AWESOME.

I saw a woman at a recent gallery event with the most amazing leopard nails which I assumed had to be airbrushed.  I complimented her on her fantastic manicure and she said, “you’re never going to believe it: they’re stickers!”  For serious.  Sally Hansen Salon Effects stickers.  I went out the very next day and bought three boxes because I couldn’t decide on which I liked best and I’m here to tell you now, they are the best thing ever.  I may never paint my nails again.

They come in solids and patterns, my favorites have been the leopard print (Kitty Kitty) and the gold background with the fishnet patten over it (Misbehaved – pictured up there on my toes) and next I want to try the zebra print (Wild Child), the houndstooth (Check It Out) and the cool-looking black and white flower doodle (Cut It Out).

So the basic gist is you open the packet of assorted-width nail stickers and decide which would fit each of your individual nails the best.  They’re long rectangles, rounded at both ends so I cut my strips in half because my nails are short.  This means that I now have twice as many stickers. Win!  You peel the protective top layer off, peel the sticky backing off, then position the sticker on your nail. Pres down, smooth with the wooden stick that comes with the kit, and then use the included mini file to gently file the edge of your nails to burnish the tips and trim off the excess.  That’s it!  Your nail is done, it’s instantly dry, and you can do all ten nails in less than half an hour, once you get the hang of it.

What’s even better: they last FOREVER.  The first set I applied (Laced Up) stayed on for almost three weeks of heavy dishwashing, gardening, and careless hand use before they began to chip a bit and grow out.  The second set (Kitty Kitty) lasted two weeks before I was itching for a change, and the last set I tried (Misbehaved) stayed on my hands for over two weeks until they looked grown out.  The ones I applied to my toes are still going strong three weeks later.

I get so many compliments everywhere I go, especially from ladies with gorgeous, expensive airbrushed manicures.  They’re stunned when I tell them that they’re only stickers that you can get at any CVS for $10 for a pack of 16.  So in closing, Sally Hansen Salon Effects, I love you, and Sally Hansen corporate execs, if you feel like thanking me with free things or bags of money, please do.

No go buy them now. What are you waiting for?



  1. I went and bought them! I’d seen them on someone a while back and kept meaning to try them. Your post sold me on them! LOVE them!!! I picked Misbehaved and one pack covered my fingers and piggies!


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