Wow, it’s been so long that I actually need to give you a month-long recap.  Sheesh! I do need to get here more often, don’t I? Without further ado, what the heck have I been up to?

Well the beginning of April wasn’t much more than a blur of workworkworkworkwork, but it ended on a high note with two weekends of parties.  The first, being Alex’s 6th birthday (SIX! How can these kids be getting so old?), and the second, Easter brunch at my aunt’s house.

The weather was beautiful and my Grandma even came out to visit, so it was a perfect day.

The following weekend was Luke’s annual canoe trip down the Wilimantic River with Roland.  They lucked out and got another perfect day of beautiful weather.

Here’s the whole crowd of crazies before they headed out.  Very manly, wouldn’t you say?  After they left I headed home and napped and watched the chickens hang out with the cat.  It’s a strange flock I have.

Right after I took this picture I caught two of them standing on the deck next to the cat while she lay there in the sun.  I think it was these two. They just look like troublemakers, don’t they?

In the afternoon I went to pick up Luke and Roland at the landing spot where we all have a celebratory barbecue, happy in the fact that everyone made it down the river in one piece.

There were three adorable, young dogs there who wanted to play with Molly, but my old lady just kept gnoring them and giving me the “Come on, I’m tired. Let’s go home.” look.  Kind of like this:

The weekend after that, Alex finally got his wish.  For, hmm…let me think…FOREVER, Alex has been asking whenever he sees me “Auntie Lisa, when can we sleep over and see your chickens and get their eggs?”  So Cameron and Alex had their first overnight at my house.  It was fun, although I think a little underwhelming for them.  After all the buildup, they were kind of like, oh. Eggs. Big deal. But still, a sleepover is always fun and it was followed by a gorgeous day for Saturday morning baseball.

(And Angry Birds.)

And the most awesome, couldn’t have cast him better myself, retired drill sergeant, turned gruff but caring pee-wee baseball coach.

He told the kids that they all needed to drink water and wear sunscreen to baseball, and that they all had to behave because tomorrow wasn’t just Sunday, it was Mother’s Day.  He was the best.

We left practice and started our super-cheap Groupon afternoon.  I had a Groupon for Moe’s, so the boys and I headed there for lunch (which cost me a whopping $0.50) then headed out to the Elmwood Pastry Shop to redeem my Groupon for a dozen of the best cupcakes on the planet.  We ran next door to Rita’s to use the restroom and I considered making it a three-Groupon day since I had one for Rita’s, but I checked and it wasn’t valid at that location.  Shucks.  We headed home from there to watch a movie and get the house ready for the next day, which, to quote a wise man, wasn’t just Sunday, it was Mother’s Day.

The moms all came over and I made a delicious ham dinner which I really can’t take credit for because someone else smoked it, I just heated it up.  But still, yum.  Look at how cute my mom and sister are.  Seriously.  I’m sorry I look half-naked in this picture – it was hot in the kitchen and I think I may have been starting to catch a spring cold.

And I think that about catches up up to the present.  The chickens are doing well, exploring the yard every day and eating plenty of bugs.  They suddenly remembered that they loved the taste of Hosta and ate every one of mine down to the ground, but the hummingbirds returned last weekend and my little Magnolia tree is blooming, so all is right with the world.

This weekend I have no plans, although I think I may need to take a trip to the garden center to find some chicken-proof replacements for the Hosta-shaped holes in the landscaping.   Monday I’m taking the day off to go shopping in Westport with my mom and sister, so far May is looking pretty good.  So tell me, what have you been up to?



  1. What a terrific picture of you, your mom, and your sis. All the pics were nice, and long over due. May be the only way I ever get to see those chickens the rate we’re going.


  2. Very nice update! I clearly haven’t been over here in a while. I think we need to issue a blogging challenge to each other so we blog more. Or at least, I should – you are much better than I am these days!


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