What I Love: Bar Keepers Friend

Is  it lame to love a cleaning product so much that I feel the need to write about it?  Probably, but I don’t care.  I’ve loved a mop and a magical mint pain patch before, so why not a cleanser?  My name is Lisa, and I can’t live without Bar Keepers Friend.  Neither can you, you just don’t know it yet.

What is Bar Keepers Friend, you ask?  Well first, because I’m picky that way, Bar Keepers Friend is a product in need of an apostrophe.  I keep wanting to write Bar Keeper’s Friend or even Bar Keepers’ Friend, but no.  It’s just Bar Keepers Friend.  Missing apostrophe aside, Bar Keepers Friend is magic in a can.

The Bar Keepers Friend website (yes, they have a website) says, “Bar Keepers Friend is a premium all-purpose cleanser that works without chlorine bleach for everyday cleaning and tough stains including lime and rust.”  (They’re also on Twitter, which I find hilarious for some reason.)

For the sake of my sanity and for fear of wearing out the keys on my keyboard, I will now refer to Bar Keepers Friend as BKF.

I had heard several people talk about BKF as a great product for cleaning tough stains, like the crud that burns on your glass top stove, and the black stuff that develops on the outside of your stainless steel cookware.  It sounded like something I’d like to try as I have both an evil glass top stove and dirty stainless steel pans.  I was waiting in line one day at Lowe’s and happened to notice a container of BKF at the checkout priced at a not-too-hefty $1.99.  I brought it home, I sprinkled it on my dirty stove, and I fell in love.  Man, that stuff works!

I’ve cleaned my glass top stove, my stainless steel pans, the white rubber on my Chucks, the nasty toilet bowl, paint that had been stuck on the bathroom floor for seven years, sugar that burned to the inside of my favorite saucepan, rust off the formica counter top, and my most recent favorite, rusty stains on the gas tank of Luke’s 1970 Kawasaki Avenger.  This stuff cleans EVERYTHING and it doesn’t scratch a thing.

It’s very much like Comet.  Same round, cardboard container with the holes in the lid to shake it from, same white, gritty texture, but BKF is somehow just the right amount of scrubby without being scratchy.  You know what I think it is?  I think it’s the magic that’s in the Magic Erasers.  I use it for everything I used to use Magic Erasers for, only now there’s no crumbly bits of used eraser foam as I clean, and I get a whole can for $1.99 instead of two erasers for $5!

Check out the BKF website with its quaint logo and adorable clip art for more ideas on what you can clean with BKF, and keep an eye out for it the next time you’re in the grocery store.  You won’t be sorry.



  1. I own a cleaning company….it is really good stuff. I have used it before, once and have been considering buying it. Thanks for the extra tips on what to use it for. My company’s facebook will feature your blog on it. Here’s my website http://maidjustforyou.org/


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