Baby Steps

Once upon a time I had a job where I worked mostly alone all day and was lonely.  During that time, blogging was my friend; you were all my coworkers.  I could tell you about what happened over the weekend or about something great I found or about something that was driving me nuts and I felt less alone.  Since then, my job has changed drastically and although I now truly do work alone, I spend so much of my day emailing and talking on the phone and going to meetings and talking, talking, talking.  By the time I’m done with work–no offense–but I have absolutely no interest in sharing anything with anyone.  I just want to shut my trap and not think about anything.

But that makes me sad.  I miss you guys, my virtual coworkers.  And I do have things I could tell you.  I could tell you about how shaggy Molly is because I’m too lazy and snowed in to take her to the groomer.  I could complain about this ridiculous weather or tell you about the chickens (eggs! finally!).  I could tell you a million things but I’m not sure where to start up again or how to get back in the groove of sharing instead of curling inward when the work day is over.

All I can say is, I’ll try.  Maybe I’ll post a picture, maybe I’ll tell you a little story, but I’ll try to visit here more often, dust off the keys, and catch up with all of you.  I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet.

So tell me, what’s happened while I was gone?


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