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Seventeen days from now–exactly to the minute–I will be sitting in the Jet Blue terminal at JFK, waiting to board a plane to St. Martin.  I am over-the-moon excited about this trip and it’s getting annoying for those around me who aren’t also going on this trip.  I’m sorry.  So other than talking about the trip or buying more bikinis (I’m up to six now) and sun dresses (I have, oh, about fourteen) what have I been up to?  Frankly, not much.  But I do have something exciting that I can finally share with you.

Ta-da!  My awesome friend Leeland and her business partner Jen have a brilliant New York city-based business called Northward Hound.  As their website describes,

“Northward Hound offers exclusive weekend excursions to New Hampshire for your four-legged friend.”

Basically, Leeland and Jen will pick up your city dog and bring him/her to the country to frolic on a farm or run on the beach for the weekend.  You pup will come home tired and clean (after a complimentary bath and blow-dry) and delivered right to your door.  How brilliant is that?

So anyhow, Leeland and Jen recently launched a full line of Northward Hound products, many designed and created in New Hampshire (Leeland and Jen’s home state). One of the new items features screenprinted illustrations designed by yours truly.  Leeland approached me over the summer and asked if I would create a logo for their new “Hound Meets World” line (pictured above) as well as a series of activities that would be typical of a Northward Hound adventure.  There is a mountain vista:

A seascape:

A dock jump:

And a ball to chase:

These designs were printed on the front of a new line of hooded sweatshirts so the dog would appear to be leaping after the activity.  It was a fun experience, designing for these wonderful ladies, and I was so excited to see the line complete.  The official launch was the last week in September and unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to New York to celebrate with Leeland and Jen, but I did get to see the pictures.  A peek at the full line of goods can be seen on the Northward Hound Facebook page, right here, and everything will be available for purchase in their online store very soon.  Go check it out.  And once again, congratulations Leeland and Jen!

Now back to daydreaming…seventeen days…



  1. That is such great news, Lisa! Let us know when the online shop opens!

    I am ignoring all of your talking about your vacation. As I sit here with my cough drops and Sudafed and tissues, I can’t even bear to think about your island adventure. It just hurts.


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