Let’s Talk About Something Else

Hey, look! A deer!

We’re all tired of my last woe-is-me post, so let’s move on to feeling bad for someone else.  More specifically, for this big guy.  I named him Buck.  Luke spotted him in the river on Friday and it was obvious when we approached that he wasn’t doing well.

With no real obvious injuries, we think he may have been hit by a car and made his way to the river before his strength gave out.  Sad.  We called the DEP to ask for advice since landowner hunting permits aren’t valid until November and we didn’t want to leave this poor guy to suffer through the night with the coyotes all around.  Let’s just say Buck was… dispatched, and has now moved on to a happier place.

Hey, look! A boat!

I am smoooooth with the transitions, aren’t I?  Saturday Luke and I were lucky enough to go along with our friend Bill on his boat to watch the Don Aronow Around Long Island Marathon boat race.  It was a gorgeous day with amazing views, and although the race turned out to be just one boat, Sonic (read more about that here):

It was still a gorgeous day.  We hung out on Long Island Sound until Sonic blew through, then headed over to Old Lyme to watch the start of another race:

And then the pesky starter that had been giving us trouble all day finally threw in the towel and we had to slowly motor back to Old Saybrook on one engine.  I can’t complain, I laid on the sun deck, took a nap, snapped some pictures, sent taunting text messages to my friend Aimee who was stuck inside at work…  It was a lovely way to spend the day.

So how was your weekend?



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