You Know, For the Kids

Have you seen The Hudsucker Proxy? If not that title won’t make much sense, but we can just subtitle it “What I Love: Hula Hooping“.

I have a tough time with my hips and lower back always being tight.  I realized one day in my yoga class that the move that felt best for me was the hip circles that mimicked hula hooping and I began to wonder…  What if I just bought a hula hoop?  I found a cheap one near the checkout at Old Navy and brought it home–but let me tell you–not all hoops are created equal.  Kids’ hoops tend to be light and small.  They’re nearly impossible for an adult to spin around, which is, in turn (no pun intended) incredibly frustrating.  I found another kids’ hoop at Sports Authority that was slightly bigger around and filled with water and my love of hula hooping was born.

I hula hoop watching TV, while I wait for water to boil, while I talk on the phone, and really any time I’m standing still.  I love it and I swear that it’s helping to loosen up my tight hip muscles.  I’ve used my poor water-filled hoop so much, it’s no longer round.  It’s a hula ellipse.  I told Luke I wanted an adult-sized hula hoop for Christmas.  Did you know there was such a thing? There is, apparently it’s a craze.  There are big hoops, there are weighted hoops, there are even workout videos.  I won’t go that far, but I certainly will keep hooping.

My name is Lisa, and I love hula hooping.



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