For Shame!

I know, I know.  There’s no reason to point it out.  We’re all aware that I’m a deadbeat blogger and frankly, I don’t see it getting much better over the next month.  I’m starting a fractured two-week Cape Cod-at home-Maine vacation this coming Sunday, much of which will be spent without access to the Internet (gasp! I know). My best chance of catching up will be at the very end of July.  So to tide you over until then, here, look at what I did this weekend!

First it was Cameron’s 8th birthday party (EIGHT! How did this happen?)  It was hot.  So very hot, and we spent the day outside playing water games, like this duck-duck-goose-type game whose I can’t remember because my mom and I kept calling it splish-splish-splash.

I spent forever and a gallon of frosting trying to recreate Blackout in frosting, per Cameron’s very specific instructions.

And Andrea and I tried to get all nine kids to jump in the air at the same time for a cool photo.  Heh… not so much.

Then the sprinkler running all day finally overwhelmed the well pump and my sister completely lost water in the house.  That part was not fun.  We tried to keep a brave face and continue to party and open presents, then Luke and I left for another party and my sister and her family had to call a plumber.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY I bought you a new well pump!

Our next party was a birthday party for our friend Marc, but the only pictures I took were of him blowing out his birthday candles – and no, his party was not also Transformers-themed.

His sister-in-law’s sister (is there a name for that) makes amazing cakes and she made this one that was, believe it or not, just perfect for Marc.

The next day we geared up for the next two parties.  The first was at Amanda ad Greg’s house where we were able to meet the two newest babies in the group: Ava and Ginger.  Here’s Ava and her cheeks:

and here’s Ginger and her mom, Audrey:

Too much cute for one party.  Luke and I were telling the story of –ha ha– how awful it was about my sister and losing water in the middle of the party –ha, ha— and Greg said, “knock-on-wood, we’ve never had that problem” and not ten minutes later I hear someone ask “hey, why isn’t the sprinkler working?” and then “hey, did you know you don’t have any water in your kitchen?”  No, I’m not kidding.  We brought the doom to the party.  They lost water, too.  A quick run to the store for jugs of water and a few klassy handwritten signs, and we were all learning the valuable survival skill of flushing a toilet with a jug of water.

Luckily, by the time we left, their water was coming back and so far they’ve avoided needing a plumber, thank goodness. It was getting late and we had to leave Amanda and Greg’s and head to our last party out in  beautiful South Glastonbury.  We weren’t sure if we should bring our well-stopping storytelling skills to this party, but we did tell a couple of people and our friends miraculously avoided the curse.

We chatted with friends, sipped strawberry daiquiris, and marveled at how big everyone’s babies are getting.  This is me and Ryder who is almost one–holy smokes.

The sun went down, the sparklers came out, and–is it me, or did they last longer when we were kids?  They burn out so quickly.  I had to practice lighting, focusing, and swirling several times without the sparkler burning out before I could get a cool shot like this one.

We dragged our exhausted selves home and looked forward to a relaxing day down by the river the following day.  It was just what we needed.  We swam, we sat, we snacked, we laughed.  The perfect ending to a long and wonderful weekend.

Now if you happen to get antsy waiting for my next, post-vacation report, I would encourage you to visit my cousin’s new site, Letters from Arfara where she is documenting her summer spent living with her extended family in Greece. I’m very jealous of this trip.  Go check it out!



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