OK, everyone, raise your hand if you had no idea that Elizabeth Park in Hartford was this pretty.  Yeah, I guess it was just me. I had been to Elizabeth Park once before with my sister and the boys when we stopped there to let the boys run off some steam after sitting in the car, stuck in traffic for too long.  We went to the opposite side of the park from the roses where there’s a field of grass and… not much else.  I didn’t know what all the fuss was about.

People talked about how gorgeous it was, but I was unimpressed.  That’s because I had never seen the rose garden.  My mom and sister met me there after work last week as the park was gearing up for the rose festival and everything was in full bloom.  I parked my car and followed the signs to the rose garden and ran into this:

Not what I was expecting at all.  It was spectacular and I can’t believe that I’ve been driving past this park since 1994, (when I started going to school out here), without a second thought.  If you’ve never been, you must go.  It’s free, there’s free parking, and it is absolutely worth the trip. Their website is here:

Many, many more pictures here, if you wish to see them.



  1. I knew about the rose garden but it’s been so long since I’ve seen the flowers in bloom! I’ll have to stop down there. Beautiful pics!


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