More Licorice

I have developed the strange ability to convince myself that I like the taste of something if I force myself to eat it over and over.  This talent has been most recently–and most appallingly–demonstrated by the recent admission that I am now a fan of black licorice.

I used to hate even holding a bag of black licorice while I waited in line to buy it for Luke’s mom at Christmastime.  Sambuca? Yuck. Black jellybeans? Ugh!  But then I found Liquorice Altoids and their magical motion-sickness relieving properties, and after a year of car trips and several tins later, I have to admit that I really do love them.  The funny thing now is that I’ve been trying to find other licorice candies that I might like, and none of them have enough licorice flavor for me.

Black licorice Twizzlers? Snore…they taste like chewy, black wax.  Allsorts?  Sort of blah.  There’s a box of Panda Soft Licorice here in front of me at my desk and I keep trying but I’m just not crazy about it.  It lacks that licorice punch that the Altoids have. When we were in St. Martin we tried absinthe-flavored hard candies.  Now THOSE were good.  That’s the flavor I’m after.  You know what I’d love to get a hold of is this Absinthe flavored gum (anyone live near an Urban Outfitters)?  And then I saw this picture on Flickr the other day that convinced me I need to try to make salted licorice ice cream.  What the heck?  Who am I? I don’t even know anymore.

So, anyone else like black licorice?  Have any favorites to recommend?



  1. Good & Plenty! I love them and have a big box at home. I thought they would help my afternoon commute with Karlo driving, but I left them in my office at home and sneak in every night for a little secret treat.


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