Weekend Wrap-up, Late Edition

You guys, I am overwhelmed.  Work stuff that I can’t talk about is MELTING MY BRAIN.  So much going on! I open up the internet, planning to come here and tell you about what’s been going on and… nothing. My brain is frozen. I had such a fantastic birthday weekend and I’d love to tell you about it, but trying to remember what happened and in what order and then actually sit down and type it all out — it makes me all hyperventilate-y just thinking about it.

Let’s just say this: sunshine, visiting with friends, presents, family, a delicious birthday dinner from my mom, red velvet cake!, motorcycle rides, more sunshine, walks in the woods, swinging in the hammock, eating more hot dogs than I am willing to admit, relaxing, enjoying, and three whole days of being outside in the glorious weather.  It was awesome.

Also, I got my nose pierced.  That was fun. You can just about make it out in this picture.  (Didn’t hurt at all. Georgina from Black Diamond Body Piercing is a rock star.)

Don’t ask.  I always seem to stick the bows off of my presents onto my chest or my head for some reason, and my sister had taken the time to cut the entire “Happy Birthday” out of a sheet of wrapping paper and stick it onto my gift, so I thought that deserved to be worn, not thrown away.  (The necklace was a gift from Andrea, it’s from Sparkle in Evergreen Walk — don’t you love it?)

That’s about it, in a nutshell.  Thank you to everyone for all of the birthday wishes.  You all helped to make is the best birthday in a long time.  A year, at least.



  1. Hi Lisa, so sorry I missed your bday and so happy to hear that you had an awesome one. Can’t wait to catch up with you soon!!!


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