Turtle Watch 2010

That’s right! It’s everyone’s favorite time of year: turtle egg-laying season. We spotted our first one this morning (in the pile of manure that Luke is composting into soil).  She’s sort of hiding, can you see her?  Here, how about a view from behind?

She’s a big snapping turtle. Not quite as big as Big Bertha in my opinion. Maybe we can call her Large Marge.  Using my scientific Tevas-as-comparison model, you can see that Large Marge:

Doesn’t appear as large as last year’s Big Bertha:

Also notice that I need a new pair of flip flops. (Same pair two years in a row? For shame!)

These pictures of Marge were taken around 7:30 this morning, and it looked like she’d already been digging in the neighbor’s garden and also in the sandy driveway.  She must have decided on hanging out in the cool manure pile on this 99-degree day, because tonight when I went out to water the garden, she was still there, buried up to her head. That’s going to be one sweet-smelling turtle.

Stay tuned for more Turtle Watch 2010 reports to come!



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